Pushing Myself (not the pikes)


Unity Space. 

A united, coherent, galaxy-spanning government encompassing all of humanity and countless aliens granted human status, Unity has come to be synonymous with “galactic civilization” to most humans.

In a more realistic view, Unity is an organization that struggles under the weight of its own massive size.

It is this impersonal, suffocating red tape that pushes many to find freedom in the fringes of the galaxy.

This are the voyages of the starship The Straight Arrow with its crew of idealistic ne'er do wells led by their captain: 'Doc'.

Campaign Turn 1: D'gobah IV

Campaign Turn 2: D'gobah IV

Campaign Turn 3: D'gobah IV

Campaign Turn 4: K'ladan

Campaign Turn 5: K'ladan

Campaign Turn 6: K'ladan

Campaign Turn 7: K'ladan