Korg seems better. The unsteady balance is gone, but the double vision persists. He won't be of much use on your next run, that's for sure. You gruffly tell Korg you'll implant him with the bionic parts so he doesn't have an excuse to malinger in the sick bay any longer than he has to.

Before you head out to fulfil the Patron's mission, you pass Korg's rattle gun to Nicks, who is probably the best suited to use it. Of course, you make sure to do it while Korg is still knocked out by sedatives after the implant operation.

While you're doing this delicate piece of work, two of the crew head out. 

Cassie meets someone at the local bar... an arms dealer that's taken a liking to Cassie. The feeling was mutual. With a smug grin on her face (and you don't want to know just why, since it's also been a while for you as well), she tells you that he's offering you an auto rifle for only 3c. It's a bargain, so you grab it and... let Cassie keep it, since she's the one who found it. 

Scrapper also heads out to a local dive she's taken to frequenting. She, too, comes back late with a big grin on her face. She managed to sell some of the scrap debris for 1c. Not bad. And a rumour. You groan.

Seems the Black Skull Mercenaries just arrived in the sector and are looking for work. Their reputation is they only speak one known language, money. Some say they are actually on a revenge mission, looking to kill their previous employer who sold them out. Others say they are just here looking for a job.

You sigh. Rumours are about as much worth as a Bantha's fart in the wind. Sometimes it hits you right in the face. Sometimes it doesn't.

It's right up there with the rumour Janus told you the other week about the insane artist Hosai Mirza (who carefully covered his latest victim in plascrete posing it as a statue), who is actually an influential member of Unity SecFor.

Just before you head out for the patron job, you talk to Callista and hand her a rifle. You ask her if she knows how to use it.

She shakes her head and tells you yes. Huh?

She says she knows how to use one, but she can't.

What the-?!!! Did you just take on a pacifist?!

You open your mouth to berate her, but you suddenly feel a gentle force pushing you backwards. You stare at Callista. Her eyes are narrowed. She's sweating like a pig.

A psionic!!! What can she do?

She can move objects/people around. And she's got limited precog. Maybe good for 5 minutes or so. Huh. That's damn handy to have in battle.

Wordlessly, you hand her Korg's hand gun and everyone heads out. 

There's nothing special about the place you are about to have your little fracas. Just a typical block of houses and shops.

You check out your foes. 

Hired muscle. How appropriate. Enforcer types. Your patron has a heavy hitter for a rival. These guys don’t come cheap. Semi-professionals... better than the normal run of the mill scum you’ve encountered so far. 

There are four of them, and from the way they move, you can tell they have some Tactical training. Thankfully, your Patron's rival is also a cheap and stupid bastard. From what you can tell... they seem to be only armed with pistols. Scrap pistols? Hand lasers? Or hand guns? The leader type also has a blade for close in fighting. Nasty but manageable.

It's not going to be easy to get the drop on them, and sure enough, you don't. They are placed too well, in two groups, supporting each other's blind areas. Damn.


The crew splits into two groups. Doc, Cassie and Callista as Doc wants to keep the new crew under her eye. The other group has Janus, Scrapper and Nicks.

Janus moves into cover and fires at enforcer who is also in cover. A total miss! 

Callista closes her eyes briefly. When she opens them, her irises glow gold. She nods to Doc. 

Nicks moves into cover trying to flank the enforcers. 

The enforcers, thinking Janus’ group is the only target, move to flank him, unaware of Doc’s group. 

Doc moves out of cover to fire at the exposed Enforcer. 

Suddenly her vision doubles. She sees her shot hit the enforcer but it glances off his armoured vest, stunning him. She also sees her shot hit and the enforcer goes down.

She hears without hearing *The Second One*

'Doc's eyes clear. She sees her shot hit and the enforcer goes down!

She turns to look at Callista. Sweat is pouring from the psionic but she only nods. Damned handy indeed.

Cassie runs to flank the enforcers. 

Scrapper moves up, past Nicks to position herself better. 

The enforcers are aware they have been caught with their pants down but they don’t panic. 


Callista moves into cover and does her mind trick again. 

Janus moves out of cover to take a shot at the leader. He hits and the blast rifle blows a hole through the leader’s protective vest. 

Doc runs to join Callista. 

The enforcers curse and swear at cheap employers who tell them it’s a cake walk. Just show up and flash your pistols he says. Intimidate the locals he says. Now they are outgunned and outranged. 

Despite their leader going down, they still move forwards into cover... or so they think. 

One is in cover. The other ...

Nicks slips in behind him and lets loose his rattle gun. Three shots at close range!

There’s not enough left of the enforcer to even smear off the sidewalk. 

Scrapper climbs up the building.

More foolhardy than determined, the remaining enforcer doesn’t run away. 


Nicks unleashes his (Korg’s, actually) rattle gun again and the remaining enforcer goes down. 


You look at the enforcer you shot. Given better weapons, the outcome could have been very different. They are good. Also professional. You later learn that their outfit regarded this as a job. Purely business. Nothing personal.

Janus finds a teacher bot. That should come in handy. You plan to give it to Korg, who missed this little fracas.

Scrapper comes up to you with a grin on her face and hands you a scrap of paper she found in the pockets of one of the enforcers. You look at it and groan. It's from one of the dozens of rumour rags this benighted world seems

enamoured with. 

"The Exiled Tyrant Gurcianus is living it up with the last gains from his former empire among 8 faithful reformist adherents. He's also trying to sell his claim to the throne for an outrageously low price. Or so they say."

You throw it away without a word.

Later, you go to meet Nicks' mysterious patron.

He is a Varl! He is a wealthy entreprenuer with interests on D'gobah IV... and beyond. Mostly in this sector, though. You can't even pronounce the name of the purple, tentacled being. K'ob'h Q'rk is the best you can do. 

Nicks, the little shit, says it like it was his own name.

K'ob'h is pleased with your performance and pays you the agreed upon sum... plus a little bonus. He informs you that he will be calling on you again for other small jobs in the future and could you please inform him of your whereabouts in the future.

Janus comes to you. The residents of the district you cleared are grateful and give you some local tips. Nothing much, but could come in handy in the future.

You head out with Cassie to get some gear and supplies. Some stealth gear will be handy for Scrapper as she sets up her long range rifle. You don't forget to pick up a blade for Callista. The psionic has proved her worth. Cassie wanders off and comes back with some... vortex worms?

Seems the things breed and when adult, bore tiny little wormholes in space and disappear and reappear in all kinds of places. She tells you more than you want to know about their breeding habits until you threaten to space them. Just keep them out of the engine room and cockpit!

* * * Encrypted Burst Transmission * * *

* * * Identity Agent Double-One-Eight * * *

* * * UNITY SecFor POI Report, Circinus Sector * * *

Name : Callista (?)

Race: Human

Planet of Origin : ?

ALERT! A human psionic named Callista has joined the crew. Request full background check to see if she's registered or illegal.

ref: Attached DNA samples.