Belated update



It seems the jobs on D'gobah IV are drying up, so it’s time to go. That’s the entire point of a starship right? 

After the hyperspace jump, the planet K'ladan fills the screen. It's a lush, green planet... scarred by gigantic mines from the galactic corporations that are strip mining this beautiful planet of its minerals.

The corporations rule supreme here, although some long term residents are trying to form a planetary government. So far, their efforts don't seem successful as the form of government seems to change with the weather. Perhaps the corporations are paying to destabilise these efforts. Who knows?

It's also the reason the worst form of conflict here is corporation against corporation.

No wonder that's your next job. The news reports have declared this world a battle zone. One of the mining guilds has offered you a decent paycheck to see off some corporate mercenaries and it seems as good a job as any.

As you drift into the arrival lane, you hear a few of the crew speculating about their paychecks when you make landfall.

First things first... hand out the pay checks. You don't want a mutiny on your hands.

Even though you have a job, Nicks and Scrapper head out to hustle for more work. It doesn't to put a little something away for tough times, right?

Nicks comes back with... a job from K'ob'h Q'rk. He wants you to secure one of his mining warehouse areas (actually a landing zone) from any incursions from unsavoury characters who want to steal minerals. Unfortunately, the job is urgent and you are already committed to the mining guild.

K'ob'h Q'rk is understanding, and appreciates the fact that you are upfront. He will look for others to guard his warehouse zone but will keep you in mind for future jobs.

Scrapper comes back with a contact from a private organisation with almost exactly the same requirements: patrol one of their warehouse zones to see no one steals minerals from them, although you have a bit more freedom to move about rather than stay put to secure a facility. Thankfully, this is an ongoing job, so you can take it on after you finish the mining guild job.

You and Callista head out to do some trading. You get some spare ammo and a gun upgrade kit which will come in handy when dealing with the mercs.

Korg brings back a battered suit of combat armour, and he asks for 3c to buy parts to fix it. It's a bargain, and soon you have a perfectly serviceable (though very battered) suit of combat armour that you hand over to Callista. Since she's going to be in the thick of battle, a little bit of extra protection never hurts.

Cassie comes up to you and tells you... you groan. It seems (so says everyone) that Ventho & Samid, an otherwise up and coming trading house, is rumoured to be involved in organ smuggling.

Maybe you can tie Cassie down each time you make planetfall so she doesn't keep bringing you this nonsense?

You pass by Janus, who's turned the ship's cargo bay into a makeshift shooting gallery. You wonder why he's training so assiduously every day.

It doesn't matter. Every little bit helps.

It's time to do the job!

As the mercs are professionals, sneaking up on them proves to be impossible. The only advantage your crew has is a numerical one: 6 vs 4 as Callie is staying with the ship to perform some required maintenance.


Both sides, mercs and crew, move carefully forward, keeping in cover. No one gets a shot.


Doc, Janus and Korg move forward, sticking to cover. 

Nicks has carelessly exposed himself. A merc pops out of cover and fires at him. Nicks dives for cover and gets off a shot of his own. The merc goes down!

Scrapper stays where she is, atop the building waiting for a suitable target... that doesn't present itself. These mercs are careful. 

Callista moves forward, keeping to cover, and joins 'Doc'. 

The mercs don’t run even after one of their number goes down. 


Scrapper goes into overwatch. 

Doc moves to the other side of the container, trying to gain some sort of advantage over the mercs that she knows are moving forward, attempting to flank her crew. 

Janus falls back into cover, hoping to find a suitable location to flank the mercs. It’s a tense game of cat and mouse now.

Korg remains where he is, going on overwatch. 

The merc specialist with the rattle gun moves out. Both Korg and Scrapper shoot. The merc doesn’t stand a chance! He goes down. (The merc had 2 paths to take so I randomised his movement. He was unlucky.)

The mercs get their revenge. A merc moves out of cover and fires at Scrapper. She goes down!

The rest of the mercs slip forward, always keeping to cover.

Nicks and Callista reposition themselves. 

One merc hears Korg's rattle gun and with his own side's gunner down, decides he’s had enough and bails. 


The tide turns! All the crew move quickly... spurred on by Scrapper's fall. 

Callista does her Predict thing. The merc leader is dead meat. 

Sure enough she peeks around the corner of a container to shoot. She hits. Her Prediction tells her which is the best moment to nail the merc leader. He goes down!

Korg moves out of cover and, at close range, guns down the merc that shot Scrapper. 


Thankfully, Scrapper only sustains a minor injury. The merc's shot was at extreme range, so the bullet only grazed her skull. A turn or two in the sick bay and she will be right as rain.

What is more serious is the merc outfit, The Black Snakes, swear revenge on you and your crew. That was the son of the 'colonel' that Callista killed! You shake your head. Personal revenge is... nasty.

The looting after the battle doesn't turn up much. The mercs only have some 'recreational supplies' that can be sold off, although not for much. You keep some for yourself, of course.

You pick up your pay from the guild: 4c.

Your job performance doesn't go unnoticed. Another patron gets in touch with you: the sector government of the day. You scratch your head and wonder if it'll be worth it. After all, the people in charge could change at any moment.

You manage to pick up a stim pack for 3c. Those things are invaluable!

You also notice Callista is getting to be pretty pally with Korg. You don't think it's anything serious but you resolve to keep an eye on both her and Nicks.

* * * Encrypted Burst Transmission * * *

* * * UNITY SecFor, Circinus Sector * * *

* * * Eyes Only: Agent Double-One-Eight * * *

Name : Callista K'Tanga

Race: Human (psionic?)

Planet of Origin : "Charon" Base

Subject was born on Unity Military Base "Charon". Male parent: Dr. Joseph K'Tanga. Female parent: Major Emmanuelle K'Tanga. "Charon" Base is a Top Secret Unity Research Center for Non-standard Warfare (read: psionics). 

Subject was raised according to military principles to follow in the footsteps of her female parent when an accident occurred involving the subject and a research subject (read: guinea pig) on the base. 

ADDENDUM: SecFor is still attempting to crack military security codes to access restricted file on said incident.

Subject nearly died as a result. Soon after that, subject had falling out with her family and left "Charon" base soon afterwards.

Subject resurfaced after 2 years, employed as an Enforcer for one of the many freelance security companies in Circinus Sector. 

Soon after that, subject exhibited suspected psionic abilities, which perhaps aided in her rise to be one of the company's top enforcers.

SecFor lost track of subject until she resurfaced on D'gobah IV.

ADDENDUM: Agent is to maintain constant surveillance of subject and also confirm subject's psionic capabilities.