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Planet: D'gobah IV

D'gobah IV... the pimple on the backside of the universe. It didn't even have the distinction of being a hive of scum and villainy. It was just... there. Hellishly hot and humid. You can feel the mold growing in between your toes! 

Way out on the Fringe, the only positive point was: it was so out of the way, the War would probably pass the planet by, unless there was some maniac general in charge out there. 

It was also out of the way enough that your enemies... of which you've picked up a few when you'd taken on your latest recruit... would probably not find you.


As you head towards the latest round of 'negotiations' with the yard that's fixing your ship, your crew is ready and raring to go. You’ve been grounded for a while now waiting for the navigation computer to be reset and there’s only so much gambling you can do before you end up bored, broke or shot.

When you start walking towards the shipyard, you realize that the workers are looking nervous and tense. Something is amiss. As you turn the corner you see a gang of local scumbags hoping to make their name by taking you out. This will be a good opportunity to practice your skills it seems.


The crew move into combat positions, slipping between the cargo containers and buildings while the scummers simply charge forwards. 


The crew are in range and Korg shoots a scummer down. 

But the scummers don’t care. High on X, they charge in with chain saws and hand guns. 

Two scummers fire at Korg. They hit but don’t do damage. However, Korg falls back, stunned. 

One scummer, perhaps less high on X than her compatriots, thinks twice and backs away. That was a military-grade rattle gun that she heard firing! 

The rest of the crew miss their shots, even though Scrapper climbed up a container to get a better field of fire.  


'Doc' moves into position and shoots at a scummer but the shot doesn’t do any damage. The scummer is stunned, though. 

Korg recovers and shoots down a scummer that's caught out in the open. 

Janus quietly moves into cover and throws a frakk grenade. Two scummers go down and their leader is stunned... but he recovers quickly enough and blasts Janus with his shotgun, stunning but not wounding him. 

Cassie climbs up a barricade and fires her hand flamer at the scummer leader. He’s toast. 

The crew shake their heads in disgust as they continue on their way. The scummers aren’t even worth looting. 


Jobs are a bit hard to come by in this hellhole, but your mechanic tells you she knows a guy who knows a guy who needs some dirty work done. A squad of security droids er... robots have been hacked and are now firing on anyone that approaches. The security forces don't care as long as the rogue 'bots don't get out into the more populous areas. He needs someone to go in and blow them to pieces. It’s a bad job but it’s a paying job and that’s what you need right now.

So after checking your gear, you head out to a remote corner of the humongous shipyard. Sure enough, you spot four 'bots behaving erratically.


The crew closes in on the 'bots, making sure to hug the buuldings for cover. Suddenly, it's like the 'bots have sensed you and they move purposefully into suitable spots with cover and good fields of fire. Uh-oh. This is not looking good!


Korg moves into range and takes a shot but only manages to stun the 'bot. Nicks shoots but misses. 

Both Janus and Scrapper climb up a maintenance building for a better field of fire.

The 'bots move up and two shoot at Janus, who's foolishly skylined himself! Thankfully they miss. 


Korg finally manages to down a 'bot! The other crew members shoot to no effect. 

As if Korg had crossed some sort of invisible line, a 'bot that previously was content to stay behind cover and take pot shots at the crew, suddenly charges Korg... who realises he's forgotten to bring a pistol to a knife fight! The 'bot hits but doesn’t do damage thanks to Korg's battle armour. But he is stunned. 

The other 'bots shoot but miss as the crew duck and weave for cover. 

Nicks pops out of cover, fires and manages to stun a 'bot. 


The tide turns!

Korg downs his opponent but needs 3 shots to do it! Only one shot manages to overcome its toughness and the thing goes down, circuits sparking. 

Janus aims and shoots down another 'bot! Three down!

'Doc' aims at the last 'bot. It's a bit far, and while she hits it, the bullets don’t damage it. The 'bot reels into cover, stunned.

Both Scrapper and Nicks move to get a better field of fire but they miss their shots. 

Cassie wants to jump down and get closer to the action but thinks twice when she sees the drop. She carefully inches down the extra large container.


Feeling a bit exposed out in the open, Korg moves into cover and shoots at the remaining 'bot. The 'bot takes cover and all shots miss!

But Scrapper steps up and cooly takes aim. Her shot downs the robot. Right in the head!


You manage to scavenge a Hand Laser and a bionic implant. That'll come in handy.

A grateful Security Company exec pays tyou the agreed upon fee: 5 credits. Not bad for a night's work.

You realise Nicks' shooting has been steadily improving since he joined your crew at the last planet you were at. You recall him shooting wildly into the fracas that brought you into contact with him as he fought off the gang of rivals that were out to slit his throat. Now, he's calmly placing shots where they can be most effective.

Since you're still pissed off at him though, you don't say a word.


  1. Looking forward to trying out this game.

    1. For sure! Making up the story is the best part of the game. A true solo RPG-skirmish hybrid.


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