Belated update

2022 Retrospective and 2023 Resolutions

I hope the Top 10 2022 list made interesting reading. Some of the entries were a surprise to me as well but that’s life.

Out of pure curiosity, I took a look at my BGG stats and what came out surprised me. If I ranked my 2022 Top 10 Skirmish games on how many games I’ve actually played, the list would look very different:

  1. Pulp Alley
  2. Age of Fantasy Skirmish
  3. Core Space
  4. Sedition Wars
  5. Exploit Zero
  6. Tiny Dungeon 2nd Ed.
  7. Shoot People In Space (playtest)
  8. Star Wars Legion
  9. Deadzone 3.0
  10. Infinity

And if I were to rank the Top 10 as the total number of games I’ve ever played…

  1. Wrath of Kings
  2. Beyond the Gates of Antares
  3. Pulp Alley
  4. Sedition Wars
  5. Age of Fantasy : Skirmish
  6. Core Space
  7. Dust Tactics
  8. Battlelore
  9. Infinity
  10. 5 Parsecs From Home


These games are still among my favourites, and I love playing them. It’s just that I didn’t get to play them due to too many games and also my gaming groups got back together and I’ve been playing more non-solo games this year.

Still, this is a list if you folks are interested:

5 Parsecs. Still a favourite, especially when I finished my campaign. And the more I’ve started playing RPGs the more I’m appreciating what 5 Parsecs can do. It’s a great hybrid of tabletop skirmish and RPG story-telling. I’ve begun to assemble a new crew to play another campaign, this time with more resources at my disposal in terms of RPG materials, so be prepared for an even heavier dose to story-based 5 Parsecs in the coming months. Resolution: Start a new campaign with a new crew in 1Q 2023. (I suppose I should also slot 5 Leagues in here, despite the fact the the premise for the 2nd Edition was not as compelling for me. But I understand that the 3rd Edition from Modiphius has shaken things up so I might pick it up sometimes in the future when there’s a Modiphius sale and give it another try.)

Horizon Wars: Zero Dark. Another excellent game perhaps spoiled by the fact I realised my deployment for my first few games was wrong and when I deployed the enemies correctly according to the RAW, I discovered the game was LESS fun. I need to make a hybrid deployment method and test that out but there are so many games…

Zona Alfa. No excuses. Great game. Just need to stop being so ADHD with new shiny games and set up the table and complete the final mission. Resolution: get more games played in 2Q 2023.

Terminator Genisys Minis Game. Very fun game system but I shelved it due to lack of expansion minis once Warlord stopped supporting the game (note: any non-historical game published by Warlord is sure to die a lingering death as evidenced by the sheer number of abandoned/orphaned Sci-fi/Fantasy games from them). But now that some 3D STL files are actually available online I will get them printed so I can play some higher point games using more interesting units beside those that came in the starter box set. Resolution: get this to the table 3Q 2023.

Sellswords & Spellslingers. Another great solo-only game. Need to get more enemy hordes painted so I can play some more games. Resolution: get on table for 2Q 2023.

CROM. This was either supposed to have been my final game for 2022 or my first game for 2023. It was also going to be my next video. Turns out I can’t find the cards I made for the final scenario of the campaign (Conan and Belit going after the necromancer, part 1 here and part 2 here). So it’s been postponed until I find those dang cards! Resolution: get that YouTube video out ASAP! As proof, here are the minis I panted for the final scenario:

Allocate a set time to paint minis so I am more productive. Paint minis according to plan. If I’m going to play Deadzone with the Forge Fathers, paint the minis I need to play the mission. Set aside time to do so. First game on the list: Cthulhu: Death May Die core box. Only 5 more large monsters to go. Resolution: ongoing for 2023.

Battlespace. Get minis printed and painted. Resolution: get this played 2Q 2023.

So that’s a retrospective for 2022 and my resolutions for 2023.

What are yours?