Belated update

CROM: Conan vs The Warlock Chapter 1

After some tinkering about since my last post, I came up with a 3-chapter adventure for CROM : Skirmish Games in the Hyborian Age. This is chapter one.

Chapter 1 : The Village

Conan and Belit are headed towards a nearby village in southern Koth when the Cimmerian smells smoke. Lots of smoke. 

Breaking into a run, the duo come across the outskirts of a village. Some buildings have been ruined and are on fire. 

In the distance they see some figures. The way they walk seem ... unnatural. 

Setup: Conan and Belit must search the tokens to find and rescue as many villagers as they can (out of 3) and bring them to safety.


Conan and Belit split up. Belit searches and finds nothing. Conan disturbs a giant spider that has made its lair in a storage hut. 

The Hyperborean misses his search. The skeletons with axes miss their search. The skeletons with swords find a poison trap but it’s considered null for them. 


Conan finds a traveling tinker cowering behind a wall. He persuades the man to follow him to safety but is attacked by the giant spider! And he is wounded AND poisoned!!! (Movement with villager : either max 3 dice OR use all movement dice as normal but movement is halved). 

The Hyperborean finds another villager cowering in some rubble near the storage hut and drags him away. (Movement halved bcos the villager is struggling).

The skeletons with axes find nothing. 

The skeletons with swords move towards Conan. 

Belit finds the last villager cowering in a woodpile. 


Conan breaks away from combat with the giant spider and tries to run away with the villager but is hit with a massive FIVE damage!!! The poison hits him with another DAM leaving him with only 4 HP (dice)!!!

Using all her dice on movement, Belit manages to hustle her villager to safety. 

The spider attacks the skeletons with swords as they are nearer than Conan (by half an inch!!!)

The Hyperborean drags the screaming villager away. 

The skeletons with axes move towards Conan. It’s futile as they won’t ever catch up, but still...


The Hyperborean has made off with the villager. 

The skeletons manage to chop the spider to bits. They then move towards Conan. Conan manages to push himself (despite the poison) towards the exit safety zone, and he’s down to 3 HP!

Belit runs back and takes the villager from Conan and drags the villager to safety. 

At the point the game ended. 


A very interesting scenario. Did not know what was going to happen so that was a successful solo experience. 

Whether or not it’s a good scenario overall is a question as the game is a race against time. 

If Conan had not encountered the spider and been poisoned he could’ve gone after the Hyperborean and tried to rescue the other villager as well. 

So... the scenario has several options, depending on how events go. A success? 

The results of this game will have repercussions in the subsequent chapters of the story.