Missing in Action?


Yes and no. I wasn’t missing… but there wasn’t much action.

I’ve been busy painting, as usual. And also playing some board games in May. BGG reminds me I played some Anno Domini 1666 and Myth! 

Now, Myth the board game has a complex history. I love the game to bits but the original’s rulebook was… shall we say… lacking. Astonishingly, a fan made re-edit saved the game and Myth became one of my most-played board games (alongside Zombicide Black Plague). 

Then in around 2017 the Myth designers came out with a new Kickstarter: Myth Journeyman where you could level up your heroes, a bit like an RPG, and you could take on some of the higher level monsters and bosses from the original Kickstarter. This was a no-brainer and I went all in! 

Then in 2018 or so, disaster struck! The Myth guys design great games. Great business people… not so much. Their company folded, but not before they sold off their assets to Ulisses Spiele. Journeyman came out in dribs and drabs.

The 2 core boxes for Myth Journeyman came out in 2018… then the printed modules and cards etc. a year or so later... but no minis to play the expansion modules with.

Then Covid hit! 

TL;DR: in March this year, I received a massive box of minis! 

Ulisses Spiele delivered! And what was amazing, they didn’t ask backers for a single cent. Not even for shipping! Games companies, you might want to take note this is how a company SHOULD be run (*cough* Mythic Games *cough*)

This is all to say I’ve just been busy playing with all the new toys. (I believe the official term is "that's a shit-ton of minis!")

BUT: pertinent for this blog is some amazing news.

I have a love-hate relationship with Warlord Games. They put out great games, but since my main interest is SF and fantasy and Warlord seems to do well with historicals… a lot of my favourite games withered and died at Warlord. The Terminator skirmish game… Strontium Dog… and most painful of all… Beyond the Gates of Antares.

That said, I DO have a lingering love for historical and the Pike and Shotte era, specifically the 30 Years War, has always piqued my interest. BUT… getting into the game wasn’t cheap, despite it being plastic. Being an army level game requires a LOT of investment. Plastic, assembly, painting…

Then a year ago, Warlord put out A Push of Pike: basically the 30 Years War but In epic (13-15mm) scale. Interest! But I waffled on for about year whether to buy it… or not.

Well, waffle no more! I finally pulled the trigger in April and in May I got a LOVELY box of plastics.

Unboxing is here:

And so I started priming some sprues to paint my first Swedish Army units. Some photos here:

With a true 28mm Ottoman janissary from the same time period as a comparison:

But I couldn't in good conscience really start until I completed my Myth minis (enough to play my final quest line anyway.) I pushed through, the Myth minis are done… (photo on left was May 17, photo on right was June 6).

And now Myth is done, it’s time for: A Push of Pike!

Watch this space.

(I'm also currently helping with beta playtesting a new/old skirmish game. Can't say the name of the game yet as this one has a very strict NDA, but I'll post what I can, when I can i.e. when I'm allowed to.)