Belated update


April was a bad month for updates. I didn’t get ANY gaming in until the final day of April. I was also travelling for 2 weeks away from all my minis.

In the earlier parts of April, I started painting again, as well as assembling some terrain that’s been sitting in my storeroom for 2 years. I needed to assemble before the cold and wet and fungus started growing on it. I plan to use the Mythos terrain from Warcradle Studios for pulp games and other games in the first half of the 20th century.

Painting more board game minis to play with my son, from Barnacle Bay.

Lastly the only game I played this month was Anno Domini 1666*. It’s a board game… but very tactical minis oriented because the game designers are wargamers themselves. They are the designers and publishers of By Fire and Sword, a 17th century-based, 30 Years War themed historical war-game, so it kind of sort of fits into the tabletop skirmish category.

Anno Domini 1666 is set in the same time frame but it’s an alternate history version where magic and demons are real. The cool thing is, even the “magic” spells and potions are based on beliefs and spells and recipes of the 17th century, requiring a bit of historical research but that was very cool. It’s also a DICELESS tactical combat system.

I’ll write more on this next update, as I managed to get a few more games played early this month, which shows how much I like the game. Now I need to buckle down and start painting the minis. Because I went all-in on this game, there are a ton of minis to paint!

I also, finally, after 7 years (or 9 years depending on how you want to count it) got a whole TON of minis that came in from my Myth Journeyman Kickstarter! And the minis below are only about 85% as I can’t access a huge chunk of 2 factions until last week, after the photo below was taken.

*Astute visitors to this blog might recognise the minis. I used them for games of En Garde! A couple of years ago.