Sword Weirdos Quick Update #2

I got the Adrian Smith Special Guest Box HATE minis (see below) more or less done with a quick and rushed paint job. Helped tremendously at the last minute by the new Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0 that just came into my FLGS last weekend. Especially the Speed Paint metallics. I can see why everyone is raving about Hoplite Gold! I think the rescue job of my earlier botched attempt is decent. What do you folks think?

The other faction will be some minis I'll pick from my already painted Zombicide/Massive Darkness minis. Too many to choose from!

Anyway, table is set up (see photo above). Need to do a quick practice game first (to see what changes there are from Space Weirdos). Then I’ll be ready to record.

The fun part about Sword Weirdos is because it has rules for firearms, I can finally use my ancient Warmachine minis (the game died in my local meta). So I can now get them FINALLY painted up and repurposed.

The normal monster hunter minis from various factions… 

The Necromantic Necromancer… his assistants or whatever… (old timers will know what these were, originally).

His zombies...

Also, Sword Weirdos now gives me an impetus now to actually PAINT some of my Dreadmire Reaper Bones minis (most of them are Reaper but not all). Will be fun to see what happens after I get them painted up! Probably by end April, as mid March till end March I will be on the road again. The first photo* at the top of this post will be the ... well... the not Terrible Magic User with their thuggish henchmen... which the bottom photo is. I particularly think I like the dignified looking clergy type on the far right as the main baddie, with all the various henchmen and monsters at his beck and call.

*Normally I'm NOT a fan of hobbits er... I mean halflings in my games (they can remain in Middle Earth where they belong) but this halfling mini is so well done I couldn't resist. And I have a LOT of halfling minis from a previous Reaper Bones KS.