So weird... BUT... no video (is anyone surprised?)

Sorry folks. I know I made a LOT of promises. And I actually did THREE recording sessions attempting to record a game of Sword Weirdos. No one is more frustrated than I am.

What happened? Equipment failures. Sigh. My patchwork attempt at jury rigging a studio to try and shoot the game didn’t work.

And just to prove I actually did shoot (or attempt to, anyway) the game, here’s a clip of my very first attempt on March 3:

The reason why I’m also not making this video with a patchwork of video clips and still shots is: I got some rules MAJORLY wrong! Also, I was recovering from flu/Covid and my voice sounded horrible. Or more horrible than it normally does.

And in between, there was another attempt on March 26. 

And my third attempt today, March 29:

Mea culpa. I suppose I just need to bite the bullet and pony up the cash to get a new camera to do the recording. Plus better tripods. And I might as well add on another studio light so all angles are fully covered.

Again, mea culpa and I’ll do a write up of all my Sword Weirdo games next month. (I actually played 5 this month alone, with 2 for attempted recording purposes.)