It's a Sword Weirdos batrep, Jim... but not the one you're thinking of

Firstly, the video has been shot. Kind of. My tripod broke. (Everyone say "thank you" to my son 🤦🏻‍♂️). I tried to handhold the phone but… as you will see, I wasn’t getting the shots and angles that I wanted, I didn’t like the shaky cam, the angles I was getting, so after Round 1, I finished the game with stills. I’m editing and recording the voiceover now and hopefully I can upload the edited video later this month.

In the meantime, I got in a few more games of Sword Weirdos. This time with my Lahnar Adventuring Party...

... versus the Griffin Witch Hunters. 

Same scenario as before since that random Mimic Monster is so fun! Three treasure chests, one is potentially a Mimic, and the longer the game goes on the higher the chances.

On round 1, Sardius the Spell Sword Teleported the Fusilier out of cover, allowing the Lahnar Bowman to shoot at him right out in the open. He must’ve been too excited because he fumbled the shot!

Long story short, Severian the Griffin leader ran off with the treasure chest. (NOT a Mimic!) Now, I should have gotten the Red Lioness (Lahnar leader) to charge him there and then but I wanted that Fusilier Out of Action, which the Lahnar Bowman finally managed to do.

But that gave a change for the Griffin Executioner to run in and block the Red Lioness’ path to Severian. Sardius to the rescue! He just teleported the Executioner out of the way!

Meanwhile Caelia the Lahnar Hunter managed to put the Griffin Demon Hunter Out of Action! Lahnars 5; Griffin 3. (Models left on the table).

The Red Lioness charged Severian. A flurry of blows! Severian riposted! The Red Lioness Distracted him! Then it was Severian’s turn. He managed to Down the Red Lioness. Then… the Demon Hunter war band can actually use an interact action (2 actions) to put a Downed or Staggered foe Out of Action! Which Severian proceeded to do. Bye bye Red Lioness!

Sardius to the rescue as he teleported Severian closer to him! (Made a mistake, as the treasure chest should’ve been left behind as you can’t teleport objectives). Anyway, Sardius’ Magic Bolt missed! He should buffed Daniel but forgot. (ANOTHER mistake! Magic users can only cast 1 spell per activation!)

Anyway the Lahnar Bowman managed to Down Severian. But that was all he could do!

Over on the left of the table, the Griffin Spearman discovered why a lowly fighter like himself shouldn't poke his spear into this that didn't concern him. He tried to pick up the Treasure Chest and… Mimic Monster!!!! The only thing that accomplished was he ran away. Lucky him. (I didn't have my Mimic mini with me so had to improvise.)

Daniel and the Executioner came to blows and when the dust settled… Daniel was Down. So the Execitioner (being the Demon Hunter war band) used 2 actions to put him Out of Action.

Caelia ignored the Mimic chasing after the Spearman and headed for Severian.

The Lahnar Bowman FINALLY put the Downed Severian Out of Action! But that was all he could do, as he had to reload his bow.

The Griffin Executioner made for the final treasure chest as the one dropped by Severian was out in the open. Since the mimic had already been revealed, he didn’t need to roll for one again and picked it up.

The Bowman managed to Down the Executioner. Caelia came up and finished the job, putting him Out of Action. 

NOTE: The Griffin Spearman ran off the table pursued by a Mimic Monster! 

With the field belonging to the Lahnar Adventuring Party and the Mimic too far away to do anything, I’d say the victory went to them even though technically they should’ve carried the Treasure Chests off the table.

TL; DR: spell casters in Sword Weirdos are stronger than in Space Weirdos because the actions used to cast a spell is now equal to the cost of the spell, instead of costing a flat 2 actions. That makes Spell Casters with 3 level 1 spells very powerful. (BUT: they can still only cast 1 spell per activation, something I overlooked!)

Also: guns! Even though reload times are longer. Now I can use my fantasy minis with guns. And I get to now use ALL my fantasy minis! And statting up monsters is now so easy. You can make all kinds of enemies… Orc war bands, goblin war bands etc.

Try it! The PDF is pretty cheap and you can make use of all your fantasy minis that are gathering dust.