Thank you, COVID!

Now, in the last 2 months of 2023, with the advent of Dystopian Wars game, I had regained my love for tabletop gaming, and I entered 2024 with lots of plans. An overview of my lobbying for 2023, an overview of the RPGs I’ve been playing in 2023… 

Then late in the first week of January… the Bloody Gift That Keeps On Giving… the generosity of the mainland Chinese (to distinguish from overseas Chineses diaspora who have nothing to do with it)… struck. Again.


This really sucks.

Low energy levels. Listlessness. It’s taking me longer and longer to recover and regain my energy after every bout.

Basically… I’m screwed, hobby wise for the next month or so...

Photos were what I was in the process of doing just before the stupid Gift That Keeps On Giving hit.

Meant to be used with 5 Parsecs, Stargrave and other minis agnostic games.

Especially the Root which were supposed to be Ferals, Beastmen etc. for any number of games, including Beyond the Gates of Antares as the mercenary forces.