It's Aliiiiive....!!!!!

No, the title isn't referring to me recovering from Covid. On the last day of January, despite my complaints about Covid, I think I’m slowly back on the road to gaming.

I’ve been spending my time painting, and managed to make some progress. The minis for the Bloodborne board game from CMON. Some assorted minis for my mini agnostic games…

However, something happened recently that made me sit up and take notice. 

First was the announcement from mantic Game that they recently got the license for the Walking Dead back again and would be producing that game again. Now I had watched I think the first few episodes of that TV show and maybe read one or two of the collected comics volumes. But I was never a major fan. However, the Mantic game of said IP has 3 game modes: solo, co-op and versus. The zombies in the game weren’t the focus (unlike the Zombicide games). They were more another resource or nuisance that had to be managed very carefully.

TL; DR: one of my local online game store was selling a copy of the starter box for The Walking Dead: All Out War (what a mouthful!) at a very nice price. Essentially for RRP, no shipping, no tax (from importing from Mantic UK). Plus the online sales platform also threw in some nice bonuses: free shipping and a tiny discount so I can say I got the game for a very good price (for me, locally).

Amazingly, the game arrived the next day (Jan 30th) and I played the tutorial that evening. It’s pretty simple and basic which is great for solo/co-op. However, anytime you have to decide (during combat) whether to attack or defend instantly opens up the game and makes it even more tactical which is great. Then you have the rule that states just because you put down a zombie doesn’t mean it’ll stay down. It has the potential to get up again! Only a headshot will put it own for good. AND survivors (what you play) when “killed” by zombies ALSO have the potential to rise again as a zombie! (Unless headshot of course). I did not know that and it’s very very cool! 

You also have Event Cards you draw each round that mess you up so you can't predict and plan what to do several rounds in advance.

So last night I started painting the minis. For the zombies, a quick black prime, dry brush and just red for blood. Done that night. I also managed to slapchop the survivor minis and will paint them in full colour to distinguish them from the zombies.

Why the rush? I’m having a games day on Feb 1 to hopefully grow the gaming community at my local library and Zombici I mean The Walking Dead: All Out War will b done of the games I’ll be demoing as a gateway game for tabletop minis. It’s even simpler than deadline (which previously was the gateway game for me) and it has some form of name recognition.

More updates later.