Belated update

Hobbery for 3rd Quarter 2023

Sorry folks. As you can see, no tabletop minis gaming happened in October. No Battlespace and my planned Chrome Hammer Ascension video didn’t happen either. 😕

This isn’t an excuse but since I got COVID twice early this year my energy levels have been low. I’ve spent this time painting and playing board games, with the reason that board games are easier to set up and tear down and also easier to get my gaming group to play. The other reason is also my gaming group has moved on to play games like Conquest of Kings, Dystopian War etc. which I don’t want to get into because too many games. (Also, I decided to also reduce my backlog of unplayed RPGs I keep buying on Steam due to their Sales and those are huge time hogs, but I managed to finish my Black Book campaign which I seriously recommend as the background and lore raise the game above its basic gameplay.)

This quarter, I painted a whole bunch of minis and finished off (YEARS after I got the kickstarter) my SMOG: Rise of Moloch campaign. And started a long campaign of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. I did 2 expeditions and 1 stronghold assault so far. I have enough clues for another 2 stronghold assaults and hopefully I can get another 4 more clues to conduct my final Stronghold assault without needing to play another expedition. This is so I don’t pull legacy cards that will affect my final showdown with the Big Boss in the final mission and I can open that sealed envelope that’s in the box.

Now here’s my painted minis so far this quarter:

NOTE: October looks like a gone case because I'll be travelling for 2.5 weeks. Sigh.