Slowly getting back into the saddle

Hi, all! 

Sorry for the long silence. Real life got in the way, as with illnesses (not mine but my son wasn’t well and had to be hospitalised for a few days. Nothing serious thankfully and he’s running and jumping around again.) This is just a quick post to let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking. Have been painting lots and playing some board games (with minis and dice of course!). I decided I've been letting all my games that have campaigns languish for too long and managed to finish my SMOG: The Rise of Moloch campaign, the Hunters AD 2114 campaign and am now playing a campaign of WHQ: Blackstone Fortress.

Haven’t had the ambition to break out my terrain and minis and play a proper skirmish game since I got Covid twice in the span of 3 months. 😑 But the plan this month of September is to play at least 1 game of Chrome Hammer: Ascension to play test some alternative rules from the designer and to start my new 5 Parsecs campaign. I’m just not sure whether to set it in Unified Space or make a total conversion and set the game in Antarean space… as in Beyond the Gates of Antares and play a 5P campaign there using my BtGoA minis. Watch this space! (NOTE: sorry, Battlespace didn't happen).

Currently painting these minis now.


  1. Hopefully going better! I got Covid early on and it hit like a truck. Fortunately, second time was much milder (I am guessing from vax and Paxlovid).
    Any thought to taking your Forbidden Psalm crew for a spin? Solo and plays quick. As to proxies, just print or copy the standees and slap 'em on a base. Also, any miniature of approximately the same size works well. No corpse collector? Use a big ogre or giant or something. No siren? Use any humanoid monster. Probably a shapeshifter anyway!
    Good luck!


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