Time Off

Sorry, folks, it’s been a crazy time for me, what with recovering from after effects of COVID (the actual COVID wasn’t too bad, surprisingly. More like a cold/flu than anything else now) but somehow that triggered an acid reflux reaction in my body and I needed to change my diet and cut down on coffee and spicy food etc.

Anyway, that, plus me fooling around a lot on ChatGPT trying to make it GM an RPG for me (it’s can’t, it doesn’t have the memory to do so) but it can generate some interesting encounters and it’s a tremendous help in worldbukdiling, giving me NPCs and backgrounds at the the drop of a hat.

Then it’s the school holidays, and I’m traveling a bit due to work for June, and then off to visit the in-laws and family/real world stuff has meant my lobbying time has taken a back seat this month.

All of this is a long-winded way to say : I’ll be back end of July with some fun stuff. (Did I hear someone whisper “Battlespace”?)


  1. Thanks for the update and all the time you put into gaming and your blog posts! I feel like you play all the games I want to do but never set aside the time for!! :D


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