Sci-fi buildings completed! Bonus Chrome Hammer: Ascension mission!

After furiously assembling and painting my sci-fi terrain, I’m now happy to show off the results.

STEP 1: punching/cutting out the pieces and assembling the terrain. Lots of glue and a bit of swearing involved. Not as much as the Mark I buildings though.

STEP2: Putting it all together. Does it all work? Yes! (White sections are older terrain pieces from the first Kickstarter.)

STEP 3: Integrate with existing (older) Mark I buildings. Do they work? Yes!

STEP 4: magnetising the building pieces for extra sturdiness. The Mark II terrain already has slots to hold the pieces together but sometimes it’s not enough.

STEP 5: Painting/priming them with rattle cans. (No more bare MDF - top photo. Yay!)

STEP 6: Play testing the terrain (not the game) with a game of Chrome Hammer: Ascension.

Mission: Sabotage - Hack the megacorp’s terminal.

Punks: Elf Shadow, Human Face, Troll Mage, Dwarf Hacker, Ork Ronin.

The 'Punks head towards their respective objectives. I now have lots of ways to run around to avoid the enemies, even though in the beginning the guards tried to scan a Stealthed Jackie (Ork Ronin) due to poor activation rolls leading to me not being able to activate him in turn 2.

Some of my 'Punks take to the walkways to avoid the Guards. It worked because I had some 'Punks on ground level and that was what the Guards (red circle) focused on.

The Dwarf Hacker and Human Face reach the objective terminal (red circle). Dwarf Hacker came in second due to his slower Speed, which was why he bypassed the easy terminal outside to make a beeline for the objective terminal.

According to the AI, the enemies will now head to Punks who are within 3” of the objective, even though they are Stealthed. Must be responding to some sort of alert. So in order to give the rest of the Punks breathing room to either complete the mission or get out of the way, Jackie the Ork Ronin (lower right) deliberately reveals himself, giving a whole lot of Reinforcement points to the enemies (red circles) so that they would chase after him instead searching for the other Stealthed Punks. Notice them running up the stairs.

Lots of bad guys spawn due to the loss of Stealth points. An ED-2099 being the major bad guy. Another spawn was a Juiced Guard (thankfully and not a Rapid Response Team.)

That tactic worked very well as the Punks managed to complete the mission (hack the terminal) and even obtain some loot and paydata, then exit off the table (lower right) while the Guards (top left) chased after Jackie.

TL;DR: I love the new terrain and how dense the table can be with multiple levels, walkways and places to hide/dodge BUT... it's too much for a relatively simple game like Chrome Hammer. It's perfect for Infinity though. For other games I'll probably use about half of the terrain with less walkways.

And that’s all for my hobby and terrain builds fo this quarter!

+ + +

NEXT: It’ll be back to painting minis. I need to complete a few more wandering monsters for my Conan CROM video. It's been so long since I last played it I forgot I needed these but remembered once I found my CROM cards again.

The game is all set to go. 

After that I'll be taking the rest of the month to complete a campaign of The Hunters AD2114 board game.