Hobbery 1st Quarter 2023 Update

This post is coming a bit earlier than usual because I’ve been busy travelling and not had much time to actually play some games. I did play the Truvang Legends board game though. (TL; DR: I like the story set in the open world of Trudvang but the combat is grindy for low level mooks/enemies because it's so fiddly.)

So … hobbery.

First up: Painting.

I managed to complete the core box of Cthulhu : Death May die. Finally. Only took me 3 years to do it.

Some Infinity minis for my Nomads faction:

Some minis for The Hunters AD2114 board game that I've been using for Zona Alfa. This might be the impetus for me to finally complete my mythical 3rd and final scenario for my ZA campaign. 

Next up: terrain. 

I got really enthused when I finally completed assembling my Infinity/Cyberpunk/Sci-fi terrain for my Chrome Hammer: Ascension games. Looks great because of the different levels, walkways giving me the ability to play with some interesting games. (See photo on top.)

So I dug out some more of the terrain (from a Kickstarter several years ago and started to assemble them for more buildings!!!

How long will this take me to assemble? Hahaha… oh dear. Watch this space. OK, despite my cynicism, I am motivated because I do love how my Sci-fi/Cyberpunk table will look once I finally complete assembly and painting. And since painting is a matter of using spray cans, it should go relatively quickly. The 3 buildings above (still bare MDF) took me about 2 hours to assemble so I can see this finishing by next week if I don't get distracted/sidetracked by The Hunters AD2114. (I really want to play a complete campaign.)

Coming up:

CROM is getting to the table. No, really! I've done a dry run and will shoot the video once I've completed my MDF terrain build.

Ditto Battlespace. Really. The minis are in hand. I wish I could say the same re: the terrain. 1/100 terrain doesn't look good with 1/72 minis so I either need to bite the bullet and accept the scale disparity or print out some Middle-Eastern buildings. Either way, Battlespace will hit the tables this year!