Chrome Hammer: 3. Rumble!

After some Downtime activities where the 'Punks gained some Rep (XP) and GigaBits (money) the crew manage to level up. Ivan gains Search Engineer  giving him a re-roll when rolling for Pay Data (important for the long term campaign goal) as well as Spoof, where a non-Squad Enemy moves randomly, counting “No Move” as “Player Chooses” with no Line of Sight needed PLUS 1 Street Cred that allows either a re-roll of any one die OR be permanently lost to set any 1 die to a result of "6". Aerin gains Haste that gives the target a free Order this Phase and may be given a second Order this Phase. Hannibal gets Invisibility where the target sets its Stealth 6, even if this is above its normal Stealth rating or it is not normally able to hide. This does not change the Unit’s Stealth rating. Lady M gets Motivated where If the 'Punks roll 3 or fewer Orders this Turn, this 'Punk gets a free Order (but may still only receive one Order). Jackie gets Collateral Damage where on an unmodified Damage die result of 5+, the nearest enemy (besides the original target) in Line of Sight, up to Firefight range, takes 3 damage (not as usual as it might initially sound). Nasty is very unlucky in this phase and doesn't manage to gain any Rep to level up.

After all that, it's now time for the 'Punks to go on their next job: fight off a rival gang that’s encroaching into the 'Punk’s turf. Gain Rep for each ganger killed.

Glitch for the mission: No glitch. I got lucky this mission. 

For this mission, I rolled a standard gang, with a Gang Boss (front, transparent base) and 4 basic gangers who get bonuses from the Boss as long as he’s alive.

Ugh. I made an error in set up. The 2 gangers circled in red in the topmost photo above should not have deployed so far up, so close to the 'Punks. None of the 'Punks start the game Hidden so there’s no Stealth in this game unless I take the time to make the 'Punks Lie Low to gain some Stealth which I didn't do this game.

Highlights of the game:

Jackie fragged 2 gang members gaining 6 Rep but in the process sustained 6 damage (out of 8). So he had to be aggressive and melee assault to recover his wounds as he was a Bloody-minded ork who couldn’t recover HP through the normal Regroup method. Hmm… wonder if he can Defend to recover HP?

Lady M (white circle) got an extremely lucky long shot (TN 10+) to finish off a punk. However in the end game couldn’t deal enough damage to finish off the final ganger. 

Ivan the Hacker (red circle in photo below) failed to hack any terminals (!!!) so gave up and attempted to frag the final remaining ganger but failed! He gets NO Rep (XP) this mission. 

The most cinematic action moment happened with Aerin. She’d done some good work injuring a gang member but couldn’t finish him off so instead she climbed on top of a building to get LOS to Nasty (white circle in photo above) so she could trigger her utility spell: Haste, giving Nasty an extra free activation and it only cost Aerin 1 damage to cast. Why do so? So that Nasty would have enough actions to ensure she could finish off the gang boss who’s worth 5 Rep. (Sadly I forgot this spell only works in Assault range : 3"!!!! Gah!!!)

Nasty climbed up high to be the team sniper (she got the Armour and Silencer loot obtained from previous missions) and managed to wound a gang member enough for Jackie to frag her later during his activation. Nasty fragged the gang boss last, and the remaining final gang member got fragged because he already had 6 damage on him and only needed 1 more to be fragged so any roll on a d6 would’ve finished him off due to some sort of symbiotic link between him and the gang boss. 

+ + +

This was a straightforward combat mission, going Mano-a-Mano (so to speak) with a random gang in Singapore Two (where I’m setting my Chrome Hammer: Ascension in). For more background on Singapore Two check out the excellent urban fantasy novels of Inspector Chen by Liz? One day (said the famous procrastinator with ADHD) I’ll get off my butt long enough to write up an alternative magic system based on Taoist principles from the novels to supplement the magic system in the core CH:A rules.

NOTE: I managed to get off my butt and assembled all my neon signage to give the terrain a more cyberpunky feel. How's it look?