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Much as I love playing various kinds of games, I think now that life is more or less back to normal, it’s time to build a gaming community again. By this I mean to promote a limited number of games that will always be played to attract gamers to play them. To that end, I’ll be heavily focused on :

  • Deadzone: It’s fast, fun and most importantly simple, with most of the decisions being mad eon the table and the rules get out of the way, so it’s a winner right there.
  • One Page Rules: again, fast and simple. Great to introduce gamers to play and they can use whatever minis they have on hand. That said, Deadzone (to me) makes a better introduction now).
  • Infinity: I’ve got the minis, I’m painting them up, I’m learning N4 nuances… this is a case of me joining the Infinity community.
  • Dropzone Commander: this is gonna be a hard sell. Many gamers in my group actually got the starter sets back when Hawk Games was still a going concern. Then the game died and they moved on to other games. Trying to get them back is not gonna be easy. We shall see.

Those games will be my focus for 2023 for PvP games. 

Fear not for solo games as my focus for 2023 will be:

  • CROM Hyborian Skirmish game: why not? The rules are simple and I’ve got all the minis thanks to the Monolith Conan board game. No brainer.
  • Battlespace: I promised myself I’ll get this to the table in 2023, and I’ll stick to that promise.
  • Chrome Hammer Ascension: I’ve been subscribing to several Patreon creators of STL file focusing on SF and cyberpunk, and I thought it’s time to use those minis. So I’ve completed  (FINALLY) painting my punk gang for CHA and looking forward to getting it on the table and this time it will be with the CH : Ascension rules only. No more mixing and matching with vanilla Chrome Hammer!
  • 5 Parsecs: I really enjoy this game and now I’ve got a few RPG games under my belt I can see how to extend the game’s story even further beyond the procedurally generated events in the core book. The campaign will be following the rumours to the climatic end like my previous campaign. This will be an all-new crew. It will be set on a space station (so I can use the Core Space terrain) and the crew will be stuck there until they can pay off the expensive repairs to their ship.
  • Sellswords & Spellslingers: I will probably get the campaign expansion and play it all one month later this year. It’s a fun game and I’m itching to get this back to the table.
  • Forbidden Psalm: I've been slowly printing and painting the monsters needed to play this so-called "minis agnostic" game (sure it's minis agnostic but the minis are weirdly specific and yes, I can proxy but there's only so much that I can proxy) so I can finish the campaign. I've also prepped a back up mage as I can see my mage isn't long for this world after having 2 failed spells under her belt I'm afraid Nishet isn't long for this world. Blinded or amnesiac if she's lucky. Melted into a puddle or eaten by Him if she's not.

That’s it for my gaming focus for 2023. 

Along the way, I’m sure I’ll deviate from this plan and get seduced by the call of the new and shiny but I think having a plan will help keep me on track. Note that Sword Weirdos (which I backed) will deliver soon, so I'll probably get sidetracked by that one as well. I have 1 more mission to play (respectively) for Zona Alfa and Horizon Wars: Zero Dawn so I’ll do that. And if the STLs ever materialise for the Terminator game… well, that’ll hit the table as well.

Until then… play more games!


  1. It's tough to get people interested in games other than 40k. That and AoS is all that gets played where I live.

    1. Thankfully GW games aren't as entrenched where I live although there is a strong community here. That's why I'm trying to build a community that's heard of 40K but not played yet. I want to steer them to alternatives 😁


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