First games of 2023!

In the first week of January 2023 I managed to get 2 games in: Deadzone and Dropzone Commander and planned to blog about it. However I felt the issue of the new WOTC OGL needed to be covered first as it’s still on-going and doesn’t seem to be a good deal for any creator because whatever WOTC walks back on in 1.2 or whatever version that ends up being released, gamers now know the extent of WOTC’s reach and what the ultimate goal is: to have creators abide under a new OGL from WOTC that WOTC can then change at any time and without much legal recourse from those who have signed up to the new OGL. But… there are many blogs and YouTube channels focusing on that issue now so I’ll return to the usual programming for this blog.

My game of Deadzone went badly for me. I took Rebs and my opponent used his Plague. 100pts, Recon mission.

A series of bad decisions regarding usage of my precious Teraton led me me losing her by turn 3 without gaining much in return, not even VPs.

What panicked me to make such bad decisions were 2 very lucky shots by my opponent right on game turn 1 using his normally not-so-good-at-shooting Plague models that killed 2 of my troops before they could do anything and despite being in cover. Lesson learned: don’t let the other guy get free shots at you no matter how bad the shoot stat is.

I lost pretty badly. 7-2 if I’m not mistaken. As you can see, the Plague were triumphant!

Dropzone Commander was next using the standard 500pt PHR and Scourge forces for the standard Recon mission. 

I took PHR and also lost pretty badly. It’s not helpful when you need to roll a 4+ to hit and you fail. But also my tactics were pretty bad and I deserved to lose. We also made some mistakes regarding close combat but that would’ve just lessened the margin of my loss and not overturn the result of the game. No excuses. I played badly and got whupped.

Having said that… it’s nice to find opponents who want to play Deadzone and DZC so I can evaluate my warband/force setups. It’s also fun to be able to ‘poison’ others so I get more people to play the games I like (selfish reason) but they are also good games, else other players wouldn’t be tempted. 

CLOSING NOTE: I finally found my missing CROM cards so I will hopefully be able to shoot a video for the channel next week. Watch this space!