Infinite Infinity!

So my local gaming buddy (that I've been playing One Page Rules with) suddenly developed an interest in Infinity of all things. (Yay to giant robots!) So he wanted to learn.

I brought out 3 troopers each from the Nomad and Haqqislam factions since Tohaa and Combined Army would be too OP at this level, and ran some games from the Red Veil starter campaign.

Along the way, I was reminded just how much I like Infinity... the ARO system, the objective oriented scenarios the way you really have to THINK what to do with each order that you have in hand... the deadliness...

...and of course the minis. Pro and con here: older Infinity metal minis suck when it comes to assembling them. Newer minis (scale creep anyone?) are bulkier and also cut better so you no longer have to stick matchstick thin arms into barely-visible shoulder slots.

The con is: I have to unlearn N3 and go with N4. This video helped a lot:

Don't think I can claim any victories in my 2 games as it's the equivalent of kicking a baby when it's down kind of thing if I did.

+ + +

Followup: we played a 150pt game of Domination recently. Pan-O vs Nomads.

Short: I lost because I was too focused on using my Jaguar to move into his zone to kill his troops I forgot the scenario VP determination which is dominated sectors, so I couldn't catch up in terms of points, and I forgot how to walk across a fire lane to get my hacker to the console she's supposed to hack (answer: pop smoke!!!).

After that game, I went back and re-learned Nomads with a vengeance and re-learned things I forgot.

+ + +

It’s a week later and a follow up game, more of the same. Nomads vs. Pan-O, 150pts. Domination scenario.

This time, I swapped out a bog-standard Alguaciles for a Morlock. It was better and wasted some of my opponents orders. Ditto the crazy koalas. But you really don’t wanna place them high up where his rifle guys can shoot you dead with 4 HMG shots.

My Intruder died by me rolling like crap. My Moran walked into a camo’d mine, my Alguaciles hacker faced off against a Pan-O Orc and died deader than dead. Ditto my Morlock.

Despite it all, I actually won. Because I managed to hack 2 consoles on my side as did my opponent… but I managed to outpoint him when it came to dominating quadrants in turn 3, which gave me a 6-4 victory. It shouldn’t have happened… but it did!

Lesson… play the scenario objective, not kill kill kill (unless that’s the scenario objective!) I still need to decide if I wanna give my opponent a free shot at my HMG Intruder when I’m the reactive player (I managed to get away with it last game but not this game) or hang on until I’m the reactive player, pop smoke and sit back and watch the fun.

Oh well. 

That’s a battle for another day.

High points of the game: my hacker succeeding in hacking his HI Lieutenant with Carbonite and him failing his reset rolls; my cheap 10 point Jaguar downing his expensive Nokk in an ARO, I survived my roll he didn't and his paramedic killed the Nokk off when he failed his PH roll after getting a medikit tossed to him.

Low points: my PH 16, CC 26 impetuous Morlock losing CC melee vs his PH14, CC 12 Lieutenant. Gah. Even when I stack the odds in my favour, I roll like crap.

Suffice it to say, Nov-Dec been a kind of Infinity period. I know my 2019 Nomads aren’t viable in ITS games, only friendly ones as and long as I can players who are willing to play friendly matches, I’m good.