2022 Top 10 Solo Skirmish Games #9!


This skirmish game is based on the popular Mörk Borg RPG and is primarily a PvP game with no specific rules for solo activations, but uses rules for spawning enemies when you play PvP/solo/co-op, pitting the game's AI monsters against the players.

The game has you make up a war band of 5 crazy, flawed “heroes”. The B-team. You shouldn’t get too attached to them because they will die, sooner or later. I know my magic caster is a Dead Woman Walking because her penalties from her failed spells will have her being eaten by an extra-dimensional demon. It’s only a question of when.

The game uses d20s (hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here) and has the players go first before the monsters spawn/activate.

The game comes with a 10 scenario campaign of which I’ve only played the first scenario. Why? Because I’m torn between just grabbing some minis and playing, or getting the appropriate minis to play with.

The game is lots of fun, with random enemy spawns occurring at inconvenient moments and gives you crazy things to do, like collect black spotted fungi so your employer can make tea or stop a band of insane cultists before they can summon a monster that will end the world (before breakfast, too!).

I really like this because of the low(ish) model count and more importantly 2x2 playing area. I wish more games would do this.

If you want a quick playing fantasy skirmish game that doesn't take itself seriously and has actually encourages you to use your crazy kit-bashed minis that you can't use in your other games... check this one out!

Resolution: Play more Forbidden Psalm in 2023! (By end Feb 2023 is the goal).


Chrome Hammer!

Those of you who’ve followed my blog know I’ve been trying to play this game, and somehow I always seem to mix up the rules for Chrome Hammer (+ solo rules) and Chrome Hammer Ascension (which I’ve belatedly realised is its own game, despite sharing the same name.)

The game has you make up a cyberpunky war band, going up against The Man (mega corporations). It has stealth and mission objectives as well as levelling up. The campaign mode has an end target for your war band: kill the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy/Girl) aka the Corporation's Head Honcho and it’ll take you some procedurally generated missions to get there.

I already have my 3D printed gang. I've more than enough enemies. Time to paint and play!