2022 Top 10 Solo Skirmish Games #7... and... #6?!*


The reason why these 2 games are conflated is because they share 90% rules similarity, with Skirmish (the fantasy version) having more a focus on melee and Firefight (sci-fi) focusing on shooting. That's to be expected.

The OPR rules are simple and literally take up one page! Move, shoot, melee, achieve objectives. Very good for quick pick me up games and as an intro to tabletop minis gaming in general, it doesn't get any better. Low point games (around 300pts) finish in about 45 minutes. There’s nothing special or different about the rules. Just a solid, simple set of rules that do the job, get out of the way so you can focus on what’s happening on the table.

There’s also a FREE web-based army builder that outputs your war band into (generally) 1 page. (GW doesn't do this because they make money by selling you books... lots and lots of books. They try and split it up into as many books as they can.) The OPR army builder works well, and because the OPR guys don’t make their money from selling codexes books. Everything is free. Use your own minis, or buy a set of STLs and print out a few minis (typically 6-7 models for low points games) for your war band... it’s a low cost way to get into the hobby.

Paying for the full rules (again, cheap or free with a Patreon subscription) will give you ways to spice up your battles with events, side mission cards etc. You can also run a campaign with the free rules provided, although I’d recommend getting the full rules for the side mission cards and random events/battlefield conditions.

I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’ve got a bunch of dusty minis sitting on a shelf somewhere... it’s time to dust them off and get them on the table again.

* Yes, I kinda sorta cheated because apparently I can't count and today is supposed to be #5. Mea culpa!