2022 Top 10 Solo Skirmish Games #3!

#3 Space Weirdos

This was certainly a game that was off the radar in Jan 2022 but quickly became a favourite of mine, so much so it’s featured as one of the few videos I managed to post on my channel this year.

This minis agnostic skirmish game gets a lot of things right. For starters, 3 actions instead of your usual 2. 75-150 point warbands. A 2x2 playing area (and you know I’m a fan of smaller playing table sizes). Command tokens to use for various things like reaction shots, overwatch etc. 

In play, if you shoot and hit the target, it’s not a forgone conclusion you managed to wound or even kill it. You roll on a table and maybe 40% of the time it’ll be dead. But there’s a small chance the target will be unhurt and even shoot back. Or run away. Or be knocked down/stunned. 

Melee is my favourite style of melee which is simultaneous. So you’d better stack the odds in your favour if you do decide to charge into combat. 

The game encourages you to make use of your crazy kitbashed minis and you have several themed factions to choose from. 

There are a few sample scenarios included but if there’s one criticism I have of the game is that it doesn’t provide a lot of scenarios or even a way to play campaigns. But it’s only 16 A5 pages so what do I expect? (A lot, apparently 😝). Maybe the other is you need some specific tokens to keep track of how much a given model has moved in a turn as that influences what it can do subsequently, or if other models take a penalty when shooting at said model.

You can take a look at how the game plays here and see if it pushes any of your buttons. For me, the low, low price is a no brainer and you can easily pick it up and give it a trial run yourself.