Belated update

2022 Top 10 Preview!

I cannot believe one year has flown by so fast! It flew by so fast and so under my radar I actually forgot about my annual Top 10 Solo Games list! Luckily I remembered in time to jot down some thoughts so all of my faithful blog readers (all 6 of you 😉 ) will have something to read at the end of the year holiday season.

The list for 2022 will be actual games I played solo (I’m being strict with myself here). Why did I make that decision? Well, August 2022 marked my full return to playing with my boardgame and tabletop minis groups. And a look at my “game played” stats saw a lot of PvP games starting August and almost NONE played solo. This was due to a combo of factors, of which tl;dr was: time had to be divided with family and work and my gaming groups. Also, If I haven’t played a game in more than 12 months, it’s pretty tough to evaluate its game play vs. other games that I did play this year. 

So starting Dec 22, Top Ten #10 will be unveiled and in the course of the countdown, you’ll see some newcomers, some good old standbys and some previously top three listers that have completely dropped out of my rankings. Again, this is NOT a reflection of the games themselves but rather my ADHD in not being able to focus enough to complete my existing game campaigns and instead being distracted by new shinies (as Kaylee would say).

I leave you with a hodgepodge of gaming photos over the past 12 months as a kind of teaser as to what games made my list and what didn’t.

See you on the 22nd!