Grimdark Future Firefight: TAO vs Robot Legions

Had a quick game with my friend. Sadly we couldn’t get 400pts as originally planned due to me discovering the “cheap” T’au Battlesuit sprues I bought for a “good deal” were actually missing a number of gun drone parts! (EDIT: OK, so my plastic pile of shame is HUGE and I take back all I said about "cheating sellers" because as it turned out the missing pieces were because I had snipped them off years ago to make drones for some other purpose and forgot all about them! I found a plastic bag of parts buried under a huge pile of other stuff...)

So we had to stick to the tried and true 250pts.

We still had a good game as my friend learned more about how to use the T’au I mean TAO Coalition in Firefight. 

It was touch and go for me in the early game stage as he knocked out 2 of my Robot Legion Warriors due to me failing all defence and regeneration rolls.

But I managed to rally at the end of Turn 3, knocking out 2 of his troopers PLUS (bonus) his Tough (3) Leader as he failed his Wound roll on a 6.

On turn 4 we worked on achieving objectives to score points and because he only had 2 units to my 4, I was able to outpoint him 3-0, with the last 2 being contested.

He had a good game as he felt he learned more about his chosen faction and also the way to play the OPR system.

Next week, (hopefully) he will be able to sculpt and print out the gun drone parts and we can play a 400pt game. (Not necessary now I've found my "missing" drone parts again.) Will probably add mission and battlefield conditions as well to spice things up a bit.