Gaming 3rd Quarter Update

The July-September period has been a distinct change from the previous 2 quarters.

A lot of OPR games (Fantasy Skirmish and SF Firefight) and a return to board games as my old gaming group (some of them) are getting back together after 2 years.

Grimdark Future Firefight, TAO vs the OP and undercosted Battle Brothers. (Quality 3 to shoot with a +1 to shoot at 12" or under meaning they will only miss on a 1, and Defence 3... all for a measly 30+ points per model. No other faction has those stats!)

I managed to finally complete Mantic’s Dungeon Saga Dwarf King’s Quest campaign after 7 long years (that’s how long it took me to get off my %$#@! butt and paint the minis so I can complete the campaign).

My 5-year old son wants to play daddy’s boardgames so he’s learning to play Zombicide Black Plague. This will always get priority over any other gaming plans I have.

Back to an oldie but goodie: Fireteam Zero now that I have people to play it with again. Bad idea: painting the minis (see below) for the A Mother's Love mission. Turns out the PAINTED minions love to spawn together and swarm us under. Sigh.

I’m re-starting my Star Saga Eiras Campaign that I put on hold way back in 2018 until I got all the minis painted (which I managed to complete last week. Wheee!)

Also playing through the co-op Imperial Assault Flight of the Freedom Something campaign with my gaming group. Done the tutorial plus first mission.

However I wouldn't be me if I didn't play at least one new game at that game is of course GW's Warcry! It's a fun game and if I can find other players I might proxy the minis with 3D printed ones since GW so kindly gave away the rules and faction stats online.

I’ve also managed to chip away at my Pile of Shame, getting 300pts of Robot Legions painted for OPR Firefight.

Got 250pts of Saurians all painted up for OPR’s Fantasy Skirmish.

Mantic's Star Saga minis finally painted. They will be repurposed for other minis agnostic games like Stargrave etc.

Ditto Dungeon Saga and I think I can now use them for Rangers of Shadow Deep? That’s if I can complete the re-skin from a shadow haunted vaguely medieval European setting to a desert, Arabian Nights setting.

Painted the minions and elites for Fireteam Zero's A Mother's Love mission. Next up: Mama!

Chipping away at Cthulhu Death May Die for Pulp Alley and other mythos inspired minis agnostic games. (The Cultists and Deep ones were painted earlier but I went back and touched them up). 

Projects in the pipeline:

1st week October: shooting a short Space Weirdos batter for the Youtube channel. Gotta get more content there!

Working at painting the ZBP core box, with zenithal priming and contrast paints for the zombies.

Longer term project: printing and painting a 10mm Empire of Dust army to play 10mm Kings of War, something a few of the guys in my gaming group are currently doing. (The photo below isn't my army, but something I found on the web. My army remains in digital 1 and 0 format until it gets 3D printed).

And that’s it for this quarter! How’s your hobbying been?