My gaming group wasn’t able to meet up this weekend (real life) so I popped over to the Friendly Local (relatively) GW store to try out Warcry which I’ve heard positive things about. (See? I'm not completely anti-GW... just anti- some of their pricing strategies.) 😉

The guy at the shop was pretty good and played a quick game with me so I’d get a feel for the game and used just some basic rules without focusing too much on factions.

It was a supposedly standard game (what do I know) where the objective was placed directly in the centre of the board and we each had 4 war band members using the basic core stats found in the rulebook.

Long story short, the combat system was interesting, as was the pre-game dice rolling, and use of wild dice to affect certain outcomes.

He rolled better so he went first and we both went for the objective that was on a higher level. It so happened we were just 1 Move short of the objective which was probably the whole point.

2nd turn, I managed to use my 2 wild dice to turn the tables and grab initiative as well as the objective and run.

He tried to knock me out but rolled miserably (no matter how much dice mitigation you have, you can’t do much when you roll 1’s and 2’s). So I managed to make off with the objective, even after my first guy dropped the objective after being hit.

I was able to pick it up and run off the table with it with another model, surviving a last ditch attack by one of his models to try and make me drop the thing.

In the end, I think I lost 2 models as did he, but I was still holding the objective at the end of turn 3. And I thought OPR’s games were quick with only 4 turns!

I was RED, my opponent was BLUE.

So I think core Warcry is a fun, fast game (like core Infinity). Not sure how much I’ll enjoy it once you layer back all the complexity of each faction’s special rules etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like each faction to be special and different and hope full Warcry doesn’t bloat up like full Infinity. From all accounts it doesn’t and it’s just as fun and fast and importantly CRAZY.

So. Do I like it enough to spend the $$$ and get on the GW treadmill? I’m not sure. Maybe if I can find someone to split a box with me…

(Excuse the lack of photos. We were too busy playing to take any.)