Pulp Alley: Tomb of the Serpent prequel

This is probably my gaming group's final preparation for the modified Tomb of the Serpent campaign for Pulp Alley. Minis are painted. Terrain is painted (for 1 scenario at least).

Apophis, the god that wants to take over all of creation, has been cast out and imprisoned by the other gods. Now he wants to return and is sending his acolytes and minions to gather all the artefacts needed to conduct a ritual so bring about his return.

The other deities are worried and have decided to act. From all over space and time, the Sumerian, Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian deities have contacted their respective champions.

The Sumerian goddess Inanna contacts the mighty Gilgamesh.

The Japanese goddess Raijin contacts the Japanese Hero With No Name.

The Indonesian Barong deity contacts the hero Raden Aryan,

The Chinese deity Long Wang calls on the hero Taoist Yu.

They are to grab the artefacts before Apophis’ minions can do so.

The complication is, the various deities don’t know that other deities have acted, and so instead of banding together and cooperating, each league/warband thinks that the other is actually on Apophis’ side!

+ + +

Hence today’s battle where the Indonesian Raden Aryan plans to grab a Relic of the Old Gods from an Old Well located in the ruins of an ancient Hindu temple on the island of Java. They are going up against the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh (seen below).

The winged Moksha lands on the major plot point and suffers a peril but passes it. 

All other characters move up to support.

My league moves up and attempts to dislodge the Moksha from its perch on the Old Well.  

Unfortunately despite much back and forth, my characters fail and the Moksha grabs the Major Plot Point (aka Old Relic). My hero Gilgamesh consistently fails his Health checks and recovery rolls so is limping along for the most part of the game on d6’s.

There's much fun, strategising and difficult decisions to make, but at the end despite me being able to achieve 3 minor plot points to my opponent’s 1 major plot point, in terms of the campaign, he won as he can now proceed to the next chapter while I have to go to another location to find a relic that will show me the way to Apophis' tomb..

+ + +

At this point, the campaign is good to go, and the re-skin of the tomb of the Serpent is almost complete. Just need the Japanese and Chinese league stats tested and we'll be good to go!

Pulp Alley is always fun to play and no matter how well you can strategise, the back and forth of the play ensures gameplay remains fresh and surprising. It's why Pulp Alley is consistently in my top 3 skirmish games.

(Note: all minis and terrain used were from a... Patreon(?) I think and are now available on MMF.)