Gaming Update

August has been an interesting month. The last 2 weeks, my old board gaming group requested to meet up. We haven’t met since the Covid lockdowns in April 2020. So we’ve been playing a number of boardgames since then. This was also the month my 5-year-old son decided he wanted to play daddy's boardgames so the time I could've used to play solo wargames have been happily used to play Zombicide Black Plague with him 😁

Besides that, family matters have occupied me during the last week of August. Weddings, family visits etc. 

All this is a long winded way of saying why there’ve been so few posts in August.


My current Age of Fantasy Skirmish campaign will be called off. The Beast Clan is at a severe disadvantage due to not having a magic user (there are none available in the entire army list). So I’ll take it that the evil deity has triumphed. I plan to re-set again using the Saurian and Beastmen factions I’ve been playtesting. The issue is: I’ve actually got some better looking Beastmen from other sources and plan to print some new models to replace the current Beastmen I have. First world problems, I know.

The Pulp Alley Tomb of the Serpents campaign is slowly moving forward. Trying to coordinate the schedules of 4 busy people is difficult but I persevere.

While waiting  I'll proceed with the Pulp Alley China Station campaign, set in the Star Wars universe with the leagues I’ve play tested earlier, and maybe include a third league as a wild card with a Jabba the Hutt criminal league. I plan to video these games for my YouTube channel.

Speaking of which… stats on my first Youtube video aren’t very encouraging… but I guess it’s all a matter of content. I need to consistently produce quality content, so the plan is 2 battle reports a month. Hopefully my production time will be much reduced with the new lavalier mic I bought so I don’t have to re-record the audio like I did the last time.

With all that said, and also the schedule to finish painting my Battle Sisters and Robot Legions minis for Grimdark Future Firefight… September will be another month with less posts. 

However, my long term plan is to convert my boardgames group to also play some tabletop wargames, so perhaps the end of the year will see more 2-player batreps.

Happy gaming everyone!