News: Shoot People in Space is available!

If you've been following my playtests for SPEIS and have been intrigued by what you see, the final rulebook is now out. I'm reproducing the announcement (almost) verbatim.

"Shoot People in Space (from here on, SPEIS) is 94 pages of wargaming goodness, offering rules for building and fighting with science fiction miniatures.

The game is intended for head-to-head play and perfectly suited to multi-player chaos but can also be played solo or with two players teaming up against the bad guys.

The typical gaming army size is from 8 to maybe 15 figures, making the game easy to collect and build for. 

Gameplay is heavily inspired by early sci-fi games like Laserburn, Combat 3000 and Spacefarers in spirit, though not in exact mechanics.

Combat uses a simple 2D6 table with several unexpected factors built in: Firers can fumble or inflict critical hits and the use of a separate Threat die can cause surprise reactions such as the targets diving for cover or firing back. Gun battles plays out quickly and chaotically. 

The rules also provide an additional element of liveliness by troops occasionally going out of control: As a result of combat, they may be running away, holding a position or rushing at the enemy and will continue to do so until they are brought under control.

The usual slew of extra options are included including things like blowing up terrain and blasting through doors.

The game can be played with any single-mounted scifi figures you have and works in both 15mm and 28mm.

SPEIS is intended for head-to-head play with 10 scenario objectives to pick from, but we also offer tools for non player forces and a random unit generator. These are great for solo play or to have a third party force show up mid battle if you like. 

Options are provided for persistent play: This allows you to build a roster of units and when you use them in battle, they will be able to level up (or die). This allows you to experience a degree of progression even if you are primarily playing pick up games against random forces or in a club setting with multiple players. The “Mercenary mode” focuses things by restricting players to a single force that they have to use over multiple games while trying to achieve bounties. 

Finally 5 pages of Game Mastering advice is provided for players who want to experience sci-fi miniatures gaming the way it was back in the day."

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