Belated update

Age of Fantasy Skirmish: Campaign Turn 2

The goddess Cythereia is not pleased with the failure of the Beast Clan and its chief. She gives them another chance to redeem themselves. She informs Chief Thunderfist that some power crystals will appear randomly in several locations near an old ruined fort in the badlands. The Beast Clan must get there and grab as many crystals as they can!

+ + +

All goes well for the Undead at first as crystals start appearing. Agatheia Banewitch is close enough to grab one while the Beast Clan spreads out to grab the crystals as they materialise. 

The Bane Guardians attack Nualaa’s Runners and down 2, stunning the third. 

Agatheia casts a spell on Thunderfist and deals 2 wounds while she positions herself at a crystal spot. Tartarus the Slayer positions himself to block access to the place where the crystal will manifest but Thunderfist and Jorgeth take him down. Jorgeth contests the crystal so the Banewitch cannot take it. 

Seeing the shimmering appear in two locations, Andarr and Darragh position themselves to grab the crystals. 

Kaya’a’s Runners attack Agatheia. They deal her 2 damage and the Banewitch retaliates in kind. 

Andarr grabs a crystal as it materialises as does Darragh. 

Agatheia goes in the offensive, casting a spell and dealing damage to Jorgath before attacking. He goes down and out. 

Seeing a shimmering, Agatheia positions herself to block access to the area where the crystal will appear. 

Nuala’a’s last Runner recovers from her Stun. 

The Guardians attack Kaya’a’s last Runner and knocks her out of action!

Thunderfist foregoes all attacks to grab a crystal. The Guardians are well positioned to grab a crystal as well. 

Undead 3; Beast Clan 2

Agatheia successfully spells Thunderfist for another 2 damage and he is stunned. She charges him and puts him out of action as well. His crystal fizzles out. 

Nuala’a’s Runner charges Agatheia and in a stroke of luck takes her out of action as the Banewitch has a total of 4 wounds. Her crystal dissipates into the aether. 

The Guardians finish her off. 

Darragh loses heart at the sight of his leader and goes down, stunned. His crystal fizzles.

Undead 2; Beast Clan 2.

Unfortunately, after that, Andarr decides enough is enough as he is one against two and routs off the table, leaving Darragh and the Bane Guardians (who lost 2 models post-Morale check) to scoop up 2 more crystals before the magic dissipates and no more crystals appear.

Undead 4; Beast Clan 2.

+ + +

Undead receive 2VP + 10pts.

Beast Clan receives 30pts.

Thunder fist recovers. 

Jorgath is dead!!! Poor Jorgath.

Nuala’a’s recover 

Kaya’a’s recover 

Agatheia gets crazed. 

Guardians recover 

Tartarus recovers and earns XP1

Andarr XP1

Nuala’a’s Runners 

Kaya’a’s Runners 1+3

Agatheia 3+1XP


Darragh 1XP

Guardians 1XP

The Undead call upon Darragh’s brother, Garragh

The Beast Clan calls on Jorgath’s brother, Kragarr Silverfur.

AAR: I actually had to replay the ending twice as I forgot about the morale checks each activation. But in the end, the Undead won out.

Still, that was a fun and different game compared to Campaign Turn 1. I used 6 playing cards and numbered the 6 objective tokens. Each turn I’d draw 3 cards and that’s where the crystals would appear and the two sides would have to do their best to grab the power crystals that appeared. 

What I like about the campaign rules is the games gives you lots of ways to customise your games so no 2 games play the same. 

Definitely looking forward to the next game as I add side missions and battlefield events.