Age of Fantasy Skirmish: Campaign Turn 1

The very same YouTube channels that got me started on OPR rules also have some campaign games. Inspired by the one run by A Sad and Lonely Gamer, I decided to play a 6 game campaign (that's really the bare minimum).

+ + +

The goddess Cytherea has appeared to chief Ch’undarr Thunderfist of the Havoc Beast Clan, informing him that the evil spirit known as S’a’rron is stirring and needs crystals of power to free him from his aeons long imprisonment. His undead minions are going around the land, travelling to places where these crystals of power can be found in order to collect them and enact a ritual to free the imprisoned evil spirit.

Chief Thunderfist must stop this!

The goddess teaches Thunderfist how to seize the power crystals and in turn enact another ritual that will banish  S’a’rron for another aeon.

Now the Beast Clan has gathered its best warriors - Andarr Snarlfang, a veteran hunter, and 2 runner clans led by Kay’aa and Nualaa - and together with Chief Ch’undarr Thunderfist they head off into the badlands.

Opposing them is the evil Agathiea Banewitch, with her followers, some skeleton Bane Guardians, the evil Daraghh Wraithe a death rider and Tartarus Banelord, an undead Stalker.

+ + +

The Beast Clan sights 3 crystals of power in the Badlands. All goes well at first as chief Thunderfist and Nualaa’s Runners grab 2 crystals, while Andarr battles Daraghh for the third.

Nualaa’s and Kay’aa’s Runners even manage to kill a Bane Guardian and wound Tartarus respectively.

But then the evil Banewitch gets into action. Despite her not being able to cast her spell of Command early in the battle, her Undermine spell now blows apart all 3 of Nualaa’s Runners, leaving the crystal of power to be scooped up by the Bane Guardians. 

She follows up by casting the same spell on a fleeing Thunderfist but only manages 2 hits. Not enough to down a Tough Hero like him.

Elsewhere, the wounded Andarr finally finishes off the death rider after a brutal fight and positions himself to guard the remaining crystal. 

But Tartarus Banelord - after finishing off Kay’aa’s Runners  - attacks viciously and Andarr is dispatched, giving the Banelord unopposed access to the 3rd and final crystal of power!

The Undead 2, Beast Clan 1.


The Undead receive 2 VP and 10pts.

The Beast Clan receives 30pts.

Daraghh Wraithe recovers normally.

Andarr recovers AND earns 1XP!

The Runner bands recover normally.

Thunderfist calls for reinforcements. Another veteran Hunter, Jorgeth Silverfur, joins the warband.

+ + +

That didn’t go as expected for the Beast Clan. I really thought with their superior speed they would get an advantage over the Undead but the magic wielder turned the tide for the Undead.

The thing about a campaign game is a normal small points game of AoF Skirmish is considered to be 250 points, but in a campaign you START with 150 and work your way up, earning VPs and points with each game played.

The full rulebook gives some extra rules to spice things up, so that’s what I’ll be doing with each campaign game, so that I’m not playing the same Relic Hunt scenario every time.

Hopefully, I’ll also be able to paint my Beast Clan minis before the campaign ends. 

I'm currently painting some 250pts worth of Saurians for future games. Here’s a sneak peek: