Star Wars Legion : 2 games!

I managed to get 2 500pt skirmish games recently. Just using the core set as usual. In preparation for the games, I’ve been printing terrain like mad but only managed to do this much. FDM is SLOW. Those who can afford larger build plate resin printers will have much better quality for the same time it takes.

Anyway, I took my Rebel Scum since that’s all I have. 

The first game was Control (Red circle is the control point).

After some back and forth, I lost the game. Not enough units to contest and also I can pinpoint the moment when I lost on turn 2 by sending Luke after the Speeder Bikes instead of contesting the objective. 

Dang. Made the same mistake last time and I did it again!

The second game of Pivotal Positions was against a different opponent and it went slightly better since I gave as good as I got (dice rolls, dice rolls…). The red circles are points you have to control at the end of the game to score.

But still in the end I lost at the end of turn 5 BECAUSE… again, I got tunnel vision. I KNEW this was my problem going in and I STILL did it!

I sent my surviving damaged (as in cannot shoot) AT-ST in after a stormtrooper unit, thinking if I could finish them off, I could win the game. But I failed to do that for turns 4 and 5, leaving them free to run off and control the objective.

What I SHOULD have done was send my damaged Chicken Walker in to replace Luke who was controlling an objective already, freeing him to go after the stormtrooper unit. With his Force Push, I could’ve dragged them out of position next to the objective terrain, giving me at least a hard fought draw.

Oh well. We plan to play more, so I should get more used to the game (I’m a bit out of touch with the new rules and unit cards) AND I need to overcome my tunnel vision.

I’ll also probably 3D print some minis to build up the forces as my FLGS is finding it difficult to get the units I want (have been waiting for over 6 months now).

All in all, Legion is a fun game, boosted by its IP. I don’t think I’d be playing it otherwise.

+ + +

Next up: I’ve been watching some Youtube videos of Age of Fantasy Skirmish by One Page Rules and realised I have enough minis from Warmahordes to make a go of it. 

I built my army lists and will be playing a game pretty soon. Watch this space!