Pulp Alley : The Lost Key!

I recently got a batch of 3D printed desert-type scenery and buildings in preparation for the Pulp Alley Tomb of the Serpent campaign. After painting them all up, it’s time to go search for the Lost Keys!

The Society for the Collection of Antiquities and Monuments vs the Servants of Ra. Before you can grab the Lost Key (major plot point) you first have to find a clue to the location of the key (minor plot point).

I played this twice. First time with the scenery still unpainted. In this game, although neither league was able to grab the key, the Society won a minor victory 2-1 due to grabbing 2 minor plot points to the Servants’ 1.

In the second game, I had fully painted minis and terrain. (Mea culpa on the major plot point token… it’s painted now).

The 2 leagues (Society for the Collection of Antiquities and Monuments vs Servants of Ra) move into position.

Casualties begin to mount on both sides. A cultist sees an opportunity to shoot at Lady Amelia's sidekick, Jeeves...

... but is shot down instead!

By the end of turn 2, both leaders have managed to score a minor plot point while their sidekicks are attempting to get a second minor plot point each. The Society has lost a follower, and 2 cultist allies are down.

Two areas of action soon emerge… the 2 leaders (Lady Amelia vs The Master) are duking it out over the major plot point… (unpainted, I know... mea culpa ... mea culpa...)

… while the rest of the league members fight it out over a minor plot point.

The leader of the Servants hesitates, seeing his formidable opponent, and isn’t able to carry off the major plot point.

So some Servants engage Lady Amelia, so she can’t attempt the major plot point while Jeeves downs his opponent and Jaswant Singh goes down in turn.

A furious fracas erupts over the major plot point. Sidekicks and allies go down and get up ready to give their all.

In the end the Society is undone by poor dice rolls, especially recovery rolls, and the Master escapes with the major plot point. Lady Amelia can only let off a fusillade of shots in frustration.

That was unexpected and a setback for the Society. They will now have to go to Cairo for another chance to get another relic that will help them locate the treasure of the Pharaohs in the Tomb of the Serpent!

+ + +

That was a great game! Lots of action and adventure and back and forth! It's no wonder Pulp Alley has quickly become my solo minis game of choice. It’s also the first time I managed to play a game with fully painted (by me) terrain as opposed to pre-painted terrain or pre-printed terrain, which I have for SF but not for other genres or periods.

Now... Onward to Cairo!