Belated update

Brutality is brutal!

I’ve heard of this game from several of my gaming buddies, and came highly recommended. I’d watched a Youtube video and it was interesting. When one of my gaming group wanted to playtest a 2x2 Brutality table (instead of the normal 3x3), I volunteered. At least I’d learn the game too.

He took a Ghost faction which was a glass cannon but hits hard. I took his Night Watch faction, basically melee combat oriented with lots of melee buffs. 

It all went downhill from turn 1 for the Ghosts when my one ranged guy managed 4 hits on one of his Ghosts, and he failed the defence roll, knocking it out of action just like that.

After that, the tiny 2x2 table and 8” deployment zone meant I was able to get into melee right from the get go. I knocked down 2 of his Ghosts, and his assassin (that materialised 2” in my ranged guy's rear arc) failed his charge roll on a 1 so never got into combat! 

That made me in the perfect range to shoot back on turn 2 because he’d engaged me in combat for his first activation and I hit him for 2 DAM compared to my 1.

With 3 ranged shots, there went his Assassin Ghost.

Then his 2 other Ghosts couldn’t really get going because I kept knocking them down and putting conditions on them via the Wounds Table.

So in the end, I still had 4 models and knocked out all the Ghosts!

AAR: We discussed the 2x2 table, and concluded the 8” deployment zone was too high, not allowing room for manoeuvre. I suggested keeping the original 18” spacing between factions from the 3x3 table and tinkering with the movement values instead.

The game as a game is fun, and the background fluff really allows you to mash up any model from any genre and era into a mish mash war band. You could have a space warrior from a grim dark future shoulder to shoulder with a Cimmerian if you wanted to. It’ll all make sense.