Space Weirdos!

I've been itching to get this game to the table since I picked up the PDF from WGV. I dug out my old Salvage Crew Kickstarter minis for the good old Old School vibe. I quickly slapped some paint on them and got them to the table. (Note the minis aren’t fully finished).

Ganger Warband.

Soldier Warband.

The scenario is King of the Hill (control the center point with as many models as you can within half a stick) and a 75pt game. That meant 4 models a side and a 2x2 table. My favourite!

The winner of the initiative roll decides who goes first. Nice! After that, it’s alternating activations.

The Soldier warband drew first blood, downing the gangers' main combat expert. 

But the gangers get their revenge, with 2 soldiers downed via their leader's psychic Mind Stab (one being their leader which resulted in the warband being Broken at then end of the turn). 

Then another 2 rolled so poorly on the Under Fire table such they were both down and one was both down and Stunned. After that my ganger was... it was like shooting sitting ducks. Pitiful.

In the end, the gangers won. How could they not?

AAR: This game is lots of fun. Simple rules but with meaningful decisions. Not least that even though you're given 3 actions per activation, you can only move in a straight line. It does make you think. Then there's the precious Command Tokens. What to do with 'em?

Activations alternate but at least the winner of the initiative roll decides who goes first. I like it that when you hit (shooting or melee) you roll on a table to see what happens to the target. Sometimes the target can retaliate, or run away, or go down or go out of action, similar to Shoot People in Space. 

My first game, fumbles and all, took about 2 hours but I can see a 75pt game finishing in about 45 mins. On a 2x2 table! My kind of game.

I’m going to try again later as I felt I played the Soldier war band sub-optimally. I forgot to include their +1 DEF roll, although I don’t think it mattered much in the end as I didn’t get too many 2x or 3x the Defence rolls and when I did get them, the difference was so vast a puny +1 wouldn’t have made any difference.