Shooting Bikes in Space!

I got the latest updated playtest rules for "Shoot People In Space" with vehicles and whatnot and decided to give a playtest report using "drifter" (hover) bikes.

Using bikes is lots of fun, especially when playing scenarios that are objective based. In this case, retrieve as much loot as you can from 5 Loot Tokens. 

Bikes can only move in a straight line but drifter bikes can turn before and after moving, but not in the middle of movement.

Bikes can also perform strafing fire, but it's only from the front arc of the bike. (Clarification after the game was yes, drifter bikes do block LOS (dust clouds etc.) and they can fly over human sized models but not buidings.)

The various units grabbed the loot, getting 2 per faction by the end of turn 1. This led to a huge scrum in the center of the table for the 5th and final Loot token. Much death resulted. 

First from melee combat... 

...then shooting at every single model that grabbed the loot token.

Then the last minute morale check when retreating to the table edge came in just in time to stop this guy from running off. Very tense!

In the end, the game ended in a draw 2-2 as the Human forces managed to down the K'erin model carrying the 5th loot token. I wanted to dismount my bike troops but it takes a full action to mount/dismount and since you only get 1 action per activation, I need to really carefully consider what I want my troops to do since bike units can't fire during the Firefight Phase. (Dismounting, moving to grab the loot, then moving back to mount again would've taken 4 turns out of a normal 5 turn game.)

TL;DR: bikes are fun. Drifter bikes double the fun. With rules for Wandering Monsters and NPC forces (for PvP and solo modes), the game provides a great time for those who don't mind wild and wooly games with a lot of uncertainty (not only from dice rolls) thrown in.