Pulp Alley: Smash and Grab!

I recently had the chance to teach the game to a couple of newbies and we had lots of fun. It was a bit last minute so I grabbed some easily transportable terrain (Infinity) and my trusty Star Wars leagues and off we went.

There’s no better scenario than Smash and Grab to teach the game, so they split the Rebel Scum between them and I took the Imperials. (I did offer to be the neutral 3rd party but they preferred it that way). 

We had lots of fun! They grabbed two minor plot points, I grabbed 2 minor plot points. I lost a Trandoshan. They lost a Rebel gunner. 

Then came the big tussle was for the major plot point in the centre.

Along the way, their Jedi absolutely obliterated my Stormtrooper squad (a gang). 

I managed to down their Rebels but they always kept getting up…

In the end, they kind of lost their nerve and abandoned the major plot point so my Imperial Captain was able to grab it and run away. 

Then I downed one of their Rebels carrying a minor plot point… which also happened to have the reward of extending the game by 1 more turn so that was the end of the game.

Imperials: 4. Rebels: 1.

They had such a great time we decided to get some desert/Middle East terrain printed, some leagues set up and we will get ready to play the Tomb of the Serpent campaign.

As I said before... Pulp Alley is one of the best ways to ease newbies into the hobby. It's quite easy, simple to remember rules and engaging game play. (Note: they were interested in WH40K and tried to learn it but the entry point was too steep for them.)

As for me, I'm currently getting some minis painted up so I can play the China Station campaign (solo) in the Star Wars universe. Those of you who are familiar with the campaign, these are the minis for scenario #4. See if you can make out who's who 😉