More Weirdos in Space!

I played the game again with the same war bands and mission. 

It was fun, lots of shooting back and forth, return fire, going down, being stunned etc. Not your typical move/shoot, live/die skirmish game.

In the end, the ganger war band won the game again with the same 3 members left. The hardest hitting model went out of action twice now. A consequence of the low defence (only 2d6) and the fact that the opposing force will target her as the deadliest foe.

Sure enough, the result indicated the Soldier war band is definitely underpowered. There’s a limitation on what each war band member can do, leading to a lot of wasted activations. So I went back and rejigged the stats again. Hopefully they'll perform better in my next game.

The ganger war band is mostly fine. There’s stuff they can do each turn and their activations aren’t wasted. The only question is that one model. I think I need to reduce the leader’s psychic skills to give the damage dealer model at least a 2d8 defence for more survivability. Also, the leader’s psychic skills don’t have much synergy. I’m going for Teleport that allows him to be placed anywhere on the table, hit the target with Mind Stab, then run away. He’s the only one that can do this because as a Sorcerer, psychic powers only cost 1 action instead of the normal 2.

Ahhhh… the tweaking of warband stats to find the perfect war band within a given points level. It never ends. I’m still trying to discover if Mind Control is still worthwhile vs Mind Stab. Of course, the points cost is also different, but still. I haven’t managed to synergise Mind Control with the other war band members yet. It’s a process.