Introducing Sedition Wars!!!! (Whaaaat??!!!!)

Out of the blue (i.e. nowhere) comes Sedition Wars!* This game has been off the radar and on the back burner for YEARS now. I last played the game in Oct 2016 (according to my BGG stats) and I put it away because… why? You guessed it! "I’m not gonna play again until I get the minis painted!"

Of course, that vow only works if I actually queue the minis to be painted. So despite some half-hearted earlier efforts, it went nowhere. (Botched priming due to using glossy spray can paints).

But I recently discovered a source of acrylic matte spray cans that actually work as advertised with a complete range of colours that are very cheap. (Cheap compared to GW or AP sprays that is). And so I was inspired to re-start the Sedition Wars project. They actually managed to salvage my earlier botched priming efforts with the gloss sprays. There's no point in asking me what the sprays are as they are a local brand not available anywhere else but here’s a hint: check out the prices of graffiti spray can paints.

This time, Sedition Wars will happen because of my new hobbying mantras:

  1. Paint only the minis required to play the next mission. (Compared to "I need to paint ALL the minis before I can play".)
  2. “Good enough” trumps “Ooooo… what an awesome paint job”. It’s a board game with so-so plastic minis. As long as it looks good from 1 meter away, it’s good enough.

So these are the minis I need to paint for mission 7 of the Outbreak Campaign. As you can see I’ve made a start and actually managed to paint 2 more from this lot that I haven’t photographed yet. And contrast paints help A LOT in completing the organic/messy looking Strain.

It’s looking very promising and I foresee the minis will hit the tabletop sometime next week. Also the other impetus was that I realised I can actually use the space zombie minis for my Stargrave Quarantine 37 solo campaign! Now if that's not an incentive, what is?

Many of you might be asking: why Sedition Wars? Wasn’t that a crap game?

Well… yes and no. The game as originally delivered via Kickstarter had issues (surprise, surprise). Poor rulebook. Crappy (Vanguard I’m looking at you) minis. (The Strain minis were perfectly fine). However, the availability of a revamped v.2.0 rulebook from CMON and some incredibly stellar work by Universal Head from the Order of Gamers website turned a crappy game into an incredibly tense, asymmetric sci-fi dungeon crawl that is unlike any available now. (Caveat emptor).

On the one hand you have your stereotypical sci-fi human trooper faction with some great to so-so to crappy minis that play no better or worse than any other similar factions from other games.

On the other hand, you have the Strain and oh my gosh! What a faction! It’s not just space zombies… you can play Zombicide Invader for that. It’s that your space zombies can EVOLVE into a higher (lower?) form! It’s that you can EAT a human trooper and if you gestate it long enough you can VOMIT out… space-nano-zombie-spores! (or if you kill the creature fast enough the eaten trooper will be vomited out seemingly no worse for wear and without the PTSD associated with such an experience.) It’s that you can INFECT the humans and turn them into shambling space zombies! Or turn corpses into shambling space zombies! And all this thanks to space-nano-zombie-spores that have infected the space facility and will flow semi-sentiently around the space facility, moving about and able to heal, evolve or spawn space zombies. If that doesn’t grab you… I’m not sure what will. 😝

All this is predicated on downloading the materials available on the Order of Gamers website of course. Without that, just use the minis for any minis agnostic game of your choice. I can vouch for the revamped materials as they have been battle-tested through 8 missions from my earlier games so a lot of wrinkles and questions etc. have been smoothed out. Any that haven’t shouldn’t be a problem for experienced tabletop gamers. 

Excuse me. I need to finish painting my minis so I can complete my Outbreak campaign. 

*My problem is of course I have the attention span of a may- oooohhh… look! Shinyyyy….