Playtest: Shooting More People in Space

Humans vs Skulkers, with version 0.04 of the rules. (Previous games were 0.02 and 0.03).

Scenario: Search. There is a valuable “thing” that was lost in the favelas of the planet and the 2 factions need to find it by rolling a d8 every time someone comes into contact with a token (red circles above). If the roll is equal or below the number of markers removed so far (including the current one) the “thing” has been found and all remaining markers are removed. Whoever has the “thing” in their possession at the end of the battle (round 5) claims victory.

Addition of heavy weapons and explosives for this game. Also 5 units a side instead of the previous 4.

Human faction

Skulker faction (excuse the unpainted minis).

(The provisional points system has them at about 100 points a side.)

The game starts with both sides making for the tokens. The first one to be searched is a dud. 

It’s not until the 6th token that the d8 roll finally went right and the Skulkers find the “thing”. Unfortunately it's out in the open.

Turn 2, and sure enough the humans go first and the skulker with the “thing” is gunned down by the heavy rattle gun. (Which in subsequent turns hits diddly squat).

The two sides trade fire, jockeying for advantage and the skulkers lose another one.

This causes a skulker unit to break, failing a morale test while two others cower behind cover due to heavy fire, out of control.

The unit that breaks only runs 1 full movement (instead of the previous 2) so that doesn’t bring it off the table. At the end of the turn, it tries to rally and fails! Another unit manages to rally but the 3rd remains cowering.

Next turn, more trading fire and a human is blown to bits by the grenade launcher.

The Skulker leader Hacker Halftail grabs the “thing”. The humans pour fire on him but he’s nimble and they miss. He would like to return fire, but his shotgun doesn’t have the range. 

Then a burst of heavy rattle gun fire sends him scurrying away behind cover, as he hunkers down.

The unit that was running away continues running away, only pausing at the table edge to try a final rally… and fails! So it runs off table for good.

Despite the humans being at full strength and the skulkers a unit down, the unit with the “thing” is in a strong location, behind some very solid cover. He's also hunkered down which means that enemies can't shoot at him unless they have clear LOS and are within 6" of him. The remaining skulkers are able to cover him and prevent the humans from getting to him easily, so the game is called for a skulker victory.

AAR: the 1 move retreat now feels more fair as the unit running away now has several chances to rally. If it doesn’t… it was meant to be, so it’s all good now and I don’t feel so hard done by if a unit runs off the table.

Heavy weapons can only fire in the Action Phase and not the Firefight Phase, so careful positioning is critical as you can’t move and then fire. You can only move OR fire. You can now run (double move) in not a straight line BUT you can’t shoot in the Firefight Phase. Explosives are good (I took a grenade launcher) but the 2” radius feels a bit weak. However, you can aim at a spot on the table so that helps. And there’s always a chance it will scatter somewhere useful should you miss.

All in all the rules are shaping up nicely and next up are vehicles!

NOTE: this is likely to be the last report for a week or so as I'll be focusing again on painting. There may be another update on "What I'm looking for in a skirmish game" though.