Hobbying Update

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’m taking the time off (again) to paint my minis as part of my 2022 resolutions. It took me a while to get back in the groove. But now that I am, I’m planning to knock off a few of my outstanding games that have been primed for YEARS (literally) and then just sat there.

So first up is a core set for the original Core Space. Sadly don’t have First Born with me right now. There’s one more Trader crew to round off the core set then I’ll work on the other NPCs… gangers, civilians and the like. 

Then I plan to finish off my Dungeon Saga undead minis that’ve been primed and  some have even been base-coated but otherwise unfinished. These are 2 proof of concept minis that don’t look like anything right now but that’s because that I’m going to use with Army Painter Quick Dip (not wash) on them.

And finally some Star Wars minis (both for Imperial Assault and my Pulp Alley game) to round things off. Most of the Rebs have been painted for years. Since 2020 if memory serves and have just been waiting for me to dip them in Quick Dip. Ditto the Imperial Officers. Everything else is new though. (And the minis do look glossy in this shot even though I've hit them with matt varnish. They don't look this glossy in real life.) 

So that’s me slowly working my way through my unpainted minis one mini at a time.

How are you folks doing?