New Stuff...

Sorry, guys. This is a quick placeholder post to let you know I’m too busy playing Core Space : First Born and Pulp Alley Star Wars to post anything substantial 😁.

All I will say is: Pulp Alley works so well for Star Wars that I think I’m going to get Starport Scum* and use that to generate my campaign (a smuggler gang with Rebel sympathies operating on Tatooine but with no access to spaceships) and play out the tabletop skirmish in Pulp Alley. Lots of opportunities as you can mix it up with the Imperials and local crime bosses and Tusken… especially with all the new stuff we are getting about Tatooine from The Book of Boba Fett.

As for Core Space First Born… it’s Core Space and more. If you liked Core space, you’ll love First Born. If you didn’t… there’s not much here that will change your mind. First Born is tougher than original Core Space. No more ammo or stim pack loot. Everything is alien tech (with its pros and cons) and you can only get the normal stuff when you go back to the Trading Post 5. The game gives you a great feel for exploring the labyrinth of a lost alien civilisation away from the usual “civilised” space. Even the way the game starts has you playing cat and mouse with the First Born drones. Really great stuff!

*Why not 5 Parsecs? Well, 5 Parsecs uses a lot of enemy types, even though you can tailor the game to suit yourself especially with the latest edition, but Starport Scum (from reviews and battle reports online) just gives a better feel for what I want to achieve. Plus it'll give me a good excuse to get more 3D printed terrain for this game and Star Wars Legion.