Whatever happened to…?

Happy New Year!

In this post, I thought I'd cover a few games that I played solo in 2020/2021 that I mentioned in my list for that year either as a Top 10 pick or Honourable Mention BUT have dropped off the radar in 2021.

What happened to them?

Here, I'll just give a short run down of what I think about those games now.

Anyaral : The World of Twilight 

I love the minis… I have 2 factions with a 3rd on the way. I love the fluff and there are beta solo rules that are being worked on. I need to play this game some more.  My thoughts on my first game are here.

Watch this space in 2022.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare

This is still an interesting game. Quite fun 2-player with dedicated solo rules that are highly regarded. But for me… I’m not a Fallout fan (I should be, but I’m not… mainly because I don’t have a Wintel PC to play the game with). And now, despite me playing the game quite a fair bit in 2021 as a 2-player game I've come to the definitive conclusion that the extra fiddliness of the game (for me) has dropped it off any of my lists. Such is life. I'll still play the game, but that's to accommodate my friend who is a fan of Fallout.

BUT… for those who like both the video game and the skirmish game, they say the skirmish game really brings out the true Fallout feel. So if you are a Fallout fan… run, don’t walk to your FLGS to grab a starter set (for the rules and bespoke dice, thousands of tokens and measurement rulers) needed to play the game. 

Horizon Wars

With too many games to play and not enough time to play them… Horizon Wars (the 6-10mm version) dropped off the lists. I’ve only had one game so far under my belt. I still want to play this some more. Let’s see what happens in 2022. However, if an epic-scale game featuring giant stompy Mechs appeals to you, Horizon Wars has got some of the most accessible rules yet, with dedicated solo rules to boot.

The Men Who Would Be Kings

Oh dear. I love the period... colonial era, small scale skirmish between well-equipped Europeans forces and rag tag bands of warriors armed with whatever weapons they can get their hands on... quantity vs quality. On paper it all sounds like my cup of tea... so what happened? Answer: the reality of putting together some forces from scratch (even as paper minis) has put this on the back burner for 2022. 

Lastly... what I'm preparing for 2022...

Ghar big guns for 1250+ point games for Beyond the Gates of Antares:

Chrome Hammer Shadowrunners Gang Punks:

Even though they came from 2 different sources, the minis are surprisingly faithful to the proportions of the respective metatypes in Shadowrun... with maybe the elf (3rd from left) being a bit too bulky but otherwise the height is just right.