Belated update

Star Wars Legion

I’ve been playing Legion with the group here that plays it a lot and I realised I’ve been making mistakes in my previous plays.

So now I’m actually playing the game as it’s supposed to be played… there’s lots of decisions to be made, tactical and otherwise.

I notice one thing about myself: I frequently forget the OBJECTIVE of the game in favour of wiping out a unit that I THINK will help me win the game. That’s something I need to watch out for in all my future games. 

So my first game at 500 point skirmish was against the Roger, Roger droids. They may have crummy stats but as an army they are impressive. Multiple activations that laugh at order cards, and 7 models per unit that give them some serious punch.

Lost that one badly. Only Luke was left standing at the end.

My second was against the good old Empire. Darth Vader and gang. Starter set only. We managed to avoid the temptation of a Vader/Luke brawl… until the end but that was because we were fighting over control of the objective and not because we wanted to have that brawl. 

Lost that game 2-1 due to my tunnel vision as mentioned above. I could either move my Rebel Trooper squad into "1" of the objective in the centre and tie the game 1-1. Or try and take out Vader who was down to 2 HP and win the game. I tried to take out Vader. As you can see, he's still standing 😂

I still had fun… but going against those droids… oy 🤦🏻‍♂️