Belated update

Star Wars Legion

I keep running tutorials for this game. Mainly because while there are Star Wars tabletop minis fans… most of the gamers in my group are either into 40K or Flames of War, with a smattering of Infinity and Conquest of Kings.

Hence in the 2 player starter set tutorial game. 

Both sides were too busy killing each other and especially the lightsaber duel between Luke and Vader to pay heed to the scenario victory conditions, which called for 1VP for each leader in the enemy’s deployment zone.

Vehicle movement was difficult, especially the jet bikes even playing with the latest 2.0 rules.

But overall, a good time was had and of course the most entertaining was the Jedi showdown.

Luke charged Vader… lightsaber to lightsaber and dealt Vader 6 damage.

Vader dealt 4 damage to Luke and Force pushed him back out of engagement so the rest of the Imperial forces could fire at Luke.

And they did, finishing him off.

The Rebels retaliated in kind, shooting Vader down!

Pretty hilarious and a fun time was had by all.

Game ended in a draw, 0-0 of course. 😂

AAR: Legion will be a secondary game, I think. I’ll probably get the Call Wren and Sabine expansions and another vehicle… and call it a day as far as force building is concerned. This is a game I’ll play for fun without heavy investment.