First game of 2022!

My first game of 2022 was supposed to have been my final game of 2021, but… life.

I’ve been preparing for this game a long time, painting up my Algoryn forces which up until a month or so ago had only been primed red.

We started with 500 points, no cheesy flying units. Just basic forces. 

Algoryn had 5 units: 3 AI infantry squads, an X-launcher squad and a med team. 

Freeborn had 2 Domari, 2 Feral an X-launcher and a targeter probe shard. I undercounted. Should have had an extra Mag light support team.

The scenario was An Unexpected Encounter. 2 forces need to exit units from the opposite side of the table for 3 VPs each unit exited. If exited, any enemy units eliminated are worth 1VP, else nothing.

The game was in a kind of stalemate for the first 3 turns. I couldn’t bring on my Ferals, but 2 Algoryn AI squads kept getting pinned with net ammo and couldn’t move.

I managed to wipe out AI squad (B). But in return I lost Feral squad (G) and most importantly my X-launcher. 

So I rushed Domari (G) squad off to my left flank, as far as possible and instead of firing Net ammo with his X-launcher the Algoryn commander chose normal munitions and because I sprinted and his blast hits were halved… he rolled a 1! So... no hits. I did lose 2 men (including the leader) from fire from his AI squad (Y). Thankfully I didn't have to roll a break test.

It all came down to the final turn 6. If I managed to pass my Command check, my Domari (G) squad would run off the table giving me the win. Else the game would end in a draw.

I passed the test and won 4-0.

AAR: it’s fun to play the game face to face again. My opponent had some experience with Bolt Action, and enjoyed playing the Algoryn. I kept reminding him about the victory conditions but he admitted he couldn’t do anything because I kept pinning him and his 2 Ai squads kept going down. 

So he concentrated fire on my targeter probe shard with his med team. Didn’t think of that. He managed to destroy 3 out of 4 probes by game end.

He wants to play Algoryn vs Ghar next game. We’ll probably make it 750 or 1000 points.