2022 Gaming Resolutions

Can you believe January is half over already? Where has all the time gone?! (Besides painting and playing that is).

Anyway, one thing I realised I didn’t talk about so far was my gaming resolutions for 2022, so here goes:

  1. Paint more, play less.

    Sigh. So I keep on going about my metal/plastic pile of shame. I resolved this year to take a step back and focus on painting my minis. Not all, that would be impossible. But I will prioritise.

    So for tabletop minis it will be:
    - Beyond the Gates of Antares
    - Chrome Hammer Ascension
    - Heavy Gear Blitz
    - Anyaral : The World of Twilight
    - Deadzone (3.0 is out!)

    For board games:
    - Hellboy
    - Chtulhu: Death May Die
    - Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

    Playing will be confined to weekends when I meet up with my group or gaming buddies.

  2. Play unplayed games.

    I had a list of games I wanted to play in 2021 that didn’t happen. First world problem of TOO MANY GAMES. So I will again prioritise.

    For tabletop minis games I’ve yet to play:
    - Battlespace
    - Anyaral (Yes, I played one trial game but this time I want to play face to face)

    For solo games I need to play some more:
    - Horizon Wars : Zero Dawn (to finish my campaign)
    - Core Space
    - Exploit Zero
    - Zona Alfa (to finish my campaign)
    - CROM (to finish my campaign)
    - Deadzone 3.0
    - Pulp Alley

  3. Focus on tabletop games in my gaming group:
    - Beyond the Gates of Antares
    - Star Wars Legion
    - Marvel Crisis Protocol
    - Heavy Gear Blitz

And that’s it for my 2022 gaming resolutions. I realised that with my time at a premium, I need to prioritise in order to get a handle on the hobby. I’ll revisit this maybe in the middle of 2022 with a short progress report.

What are YOUR gaming resolutions for 2022?


  1. 5 parsecs from home
    Core space
    And a lot of painting

    1. All great games! Well worth painting the minis for them.

  2. Battlespace is a good game.

  3. You're right and I need to get my act together to play some games.


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